katlego maboe

Television personality Katlego Maboe is slowly getting back to work. Image via Instagram @katlegomaboe.

Back in the saddle: Katlego Maboe makes a massive career comeback

Can’t keep a good man down? Katlego Maboe is back at work and seemingly grateful as ever for the opportunity to be back on screen.

katlego maboe

Television personality Katlego Maboe is slowly getting back to work. Image via Instagram @katlegomaboe.

Formerly disgraced South African media personality Katlego Maboe is slowly getting back into action in terms of work. The TV presenter had his life turned upside down after he went viral in a video confessing to cheating on his then-wife Monique Muller. Maboe lost a lot of contracts as a result of the video but calls soon grew loud for him to be rehired as South Africans rallied behind him.

Katlego Maboe back at work and ready for action

It wasn’t too long ago when Expresso TV presenter Katlego Maboe went viral for detailing his extra-marital affairs in a video that caused an instant social media storm.

The media personality disappeared from the spotlight for two years as he and Monique Muller battled in court over abuse allegations that were made by her.

Earlier this year, the case was absolved by the Cape Town magistrate’s court which ruled that there was no evidence that suggested that Maboe had abused Muller who is also the mother of his son.

It appears his victory in court was only the start of his comeback as he soon shared that he was excited to be heading back to school to obtain a business degree.

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‘One step at a time’

Maboe also hosted the Nedbank International Polo at the Inanda Club on Saturday 2 April last week. Heading online, Maboe expressed gratitude that he was able to be back at doing what he loves by writing:

“Today was a great day! All glory to God! Keep moving. One step at a time.”

In addition, he shared that he will be working with The Wife actor Linda Majola and Dr Tshidi Gule for a new podcast titled The Wellness Plug.

“The wellness podcast experience you’ve been waiting for. Inspiring healthy conversations” reads the new podcast’s Instagram bio.

“In this moment, words fail to express the gratitude and joy I feel – all I can say is THANK YOU. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the laughs from funny comments that kept me smiling. Thank you for the words of encouragement that kept me taking one more step,” Maboe wrote in a caption announcing his new venture on Friday.

Meanwhile, his fans love to see this for him and haven’t stopped congratulating him for making a comeback after dealing with a divorce, public scrutiny, and abuse allegations.

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