Katie Price

Former glamour model Katie Price has vowed to “go bigger” with her next boob job – which will be, incredibly, her 17th!
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‘Another version?’: Katie Price accused of LYING about SA rape

Is Katie Price pulling a ‘Meghan Markle’? Many tweeps have expressed disbelief over her allegations of being raped in South Africa in 2018.

Katie Price

Former glamour model Katie Price has vowed to “go bigger” with her next boob job – which will be, incredibly, her 17th!
Image via Instagram

OnlyFans and reality TV star Katie Price has clapped back at claims she “made up a story” about being gang-raped in South Africa during a late-night attack in 2018.

The controversial British star made the bombshell revelation in a snippet from her documentary Trauma And Me, which was meant to air on Thursday 8 September.

But whilst the doccie ultimately rescheduled due to the death of Queen Elizabeth, Katie Price insists her story is “real” and “horrific”.


This week, Katie Price revisited her 2018 attack, which occurred in South Africa.

At the time, the glamour model — previously known as Jordan — was filming her ITV reality TV show My Crazy Life.

Accompanied by her children Junior and Princess (then aged 12 and 10 respectively), as well as their film crew, the group was en route to Swaziland to attend a children’s programme as part of her ITV reality TV show.

Travelling in a mini-bus at night, the convoy stopped on the side of the N17 road near Ermelo, Mpumalanga, as one of her kids needed to use the toilet. The family was ambushed by a group of men who demanded money and their possessions.

According to MailOnline, the attackers made off with laptops, iPads, passports, cash, and jewellery. The hijacking suspects were reportedly never caught.

In 2020, Katie Price revisited the ordeal on the TV show SAS: Celebrity Who Dares Win, at the time claiming that she was “groped” by one of the men. A year after the attack, she also told The Sun’s Fabulous that she was “was punched in the face” and “the kids saw everything” – in a detail that she had never mentioned before.

Three years after the incident and a stint in rehab for PTSD, Katie Price claims she was, in fact, raped.


Soon after Katie Price made her damning allegations, social media users did some digging. And many claimed that her story did not add up.

Others had unanswered questions for the reality TV star, such as:

  • Where were her children when the rape occurred?
  • Did she report the incident to the South African Police Services? If so, did she pursue charges?
  • Why did she continue to film her reality TV show after the incident?

One tweep even found an Instagram post that was reportedly shared a day after the ordeal occurred.

“Now Katie Price is saying she was raped the day before this was filmed. Everyone seems happy as Larry, considering this happened”, the tweep said.

And reports after the attack revealed discrepancies too. The Mirror reported that Katie Price’s bodyguard Neil Tawse claimed that the group of men were unarmed.

This was corroborated by the Mpumalanga chairman of the local Priority Committee on Tourist Safety Athol Stark, who told MailOnline that the crime was “an opportunistic robbery and not a targeted one”.


Following the rape claims, many tweeps expressed their disbelief, insinuating that Katie Price “lied”.

Here’s what they had to say:

@mamfe71: “Pinocchio Katie Price in full pity victim role. This SA story has more versions than a remade film. Funny how the SA police had no report about this or the robbery fact she continued filming her show next day all smiles”

@kw297: “Interesting that her bodyguard confirmed there were no guns when she was allegedly sexually assaulted, so who is lying Katie? #katieprice

@JessluppyDale: “I can’t help but feel this isshout-outout for money and sympathy”

@wicks_art: “Well, immediately I’m wondering about her children Junior and Princess who would have witnessed this and hoping they’re OK. Far more anxious about their trauma and if they’ve received therapy”



Following the backlash online, Katie Price herself clapped back at comments she “lied” about being raped in SA.

Appearing on Channel 4 show Steph’s Packed Lunch on Friday, the star responded to trolls.

She said: “You can’t make up these situations, they’re events. Facts. They are real, horrific things.

“I don’t make any of it up. Everyone knows me, I’ve been called a ‘liar’ so many times and the truth always comes out. I’m not here for sympathy”.

She added: “It was horrific being held at gunpoint. It was horrific. That was three years ago”.