Nadine with former Springbok Derick Hougaard.

Nadine with former Springbok Derick Hougaard. Image via Facebook @Nadine

Derick Hougaard’s fans thank Nadine on update with RSG

Derick Hougaard’s fans thank singer Nadine for taking care of the former Springbok player after she shared his health update with RSG.

Nadine with former Springbok Derick Hougaard.

Nadine with former Springbok Derick Hougaard. Image via Facebook @Nadine

Afrikaans pop singer Nadine recently shared an interview with RSG about her boyfriend and retired rugby player Derick Hougaard.

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Nadine took to her Facebook account on Saturday morning, 8 July to thank everyone for praying and supporting Derick Hougaard, who was recently released from the hospital.

“Lovely chat with LiMari on RSG today. Matters of the heart, life, Derick’s health, day-to-day holding space, my Saturday recipe and colours being performed at Atterbury theatre 20 July. Thank you for so much love.”

The singer and TV host revealed to Jacaranda FM a week ago that Hougaard was awake and had no brain damage, and that he can function and speak.

“However, he still whispers when he speaks and gets constant oxygen. After more than two weeks in intensive care, the lungs get tired easily and quickly when they have to breathe on their own, so he is very exhausted… But he wants to start walking and get his vocal cords back.”

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Frieda Kruger: “You’re beautiful Nadine, inside and out. Thank you for taking care of Derick.:

Margie Ludick: “All the best for you and Derick, Nadine. You’re such a beautiful and kind person.”

Gerda Smit: “I just listened to you on RSG. You are an inspiration for all of us.”

Alna Buchner: “Nadine, I have so much respect for you. I hope with my whole heart Derick makes full recovery.”

Karen Erasmus: “Nadine, you’re a beautiful, positive and strong woman. All the best on your journey with Derick.”

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Derick Hougaard’s ex-wife Karlien van Jaarsveld shared she’s having a great time with her family on her recent Instagram posts.

Van Jaarsveld, who has twin boys Eliah and Daniel with the former rugby player, and Johannes and Elah with Joe Breytenbach shared videos and pictures of her children at Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa.