Dj Sbu took to Twitter to give K.O. his flowers. Image: Instagram via @djsbulive and @mrcashtime

Dj Sbu took to Twitter to give K.O. his flowers. Image: Instagram via @djsbulive and @mrcashtime

K.O. gets his flowers: Dj Sbu states rapper is in ‘everyone’s top 5’

K.O. felt the love on Twitter as DJ Sbu gave him his flowers, stating he’s one of the best rappers in the country.

Dj Sbu took to Twitter to give K.O. his flowers. Image: Instagram via @djsbulive and @mrcashtime

Dj Sbu took to Twitter to give K.O. his flowers. Image: Instagram via @djsbulive and @mrcashtime

Renowned South African rapper, K.O., whose real name is Ntokozo Mdluli was praised on Twitter by DJ Sbu stating that he belongs in the top 5 in SA hip-hop because of prominence and consistency in the South African music industry.

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DJ Sbu stated on Twitter that, “@MrCashtime is on everyone’s TOP 5 in SA HIP HOP 🐐s💐RESPECT,” leaving no room for doubt about K.O’s significance in the local hip-hop scene.

K.O. graciously acknowledged the praise with a simple “Bless” in response to the tweet.

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Indeed, K.O.’s impact on South African music goes far beyond just the local audience. His consistency in delivering exceptional music has earned him recognition on an international level. This was proven by his BET Award nomination this year.

K.O.’s rap career has been solid and consistent. Image: Instagram via @mrcashtime

Moreover, the rapper is gearing up for a significant milestone in his career – his first-ever one-man show, titled ‘Live At The Hill,’ set to take place in Joburg this July. With this concert, K.O. aims to establish a deeper connection with his fans, creating a loyal following for his unique style and artistry.

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K.O., formerly a member of the hip-hop group Teargas, embarked on a successful solo career marked by his distinctive style, creative brilliance, and seamless fusion of diverse musical genres. His influence in the South African music industry is palpable, and DJ Sbu’s public acknowledgement of his talent further solidifies his position as one of SA hip-hop’s greats.

As the Live At The Hill concert approaches, anticipation and excitement among fans are mounting. K.O.’s musical journey has already been decorated with multiple South African Music Awards and Metro FM Music Awards, but his impact continues to resonate with audiences, making him an influential figure in the South African rap scene.

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With DJ Sbu’s heartfelt praise and the upcoming Live At The Hill concert, it’s evident that the rapper is finally getting the recognition he rightfully deserves. As we eagerly await this momentous event, let’s celebrate K.O.’s contribution to the music industry and appreciate the talent that has made him a true gem in South African hip-hop.