Anele Mdoda

Anele Mdoda.Images from 947

Heartwarming: Anele Mdoda hires a Twitter user

On Mandela Day, 947 Breakfast show host Anele Mdoda employed a tweep who requested to work at her father’s newly built school.

Anele Mdoda

Anele Mdoda.Images from 947

The Mdoda family has been in a celebratory and giving mood since the unveiling of a school built by Anele’s father, Patilizwe ‘Pat’ Mdoda; resulting in a Twitter user shooting their professional shot.

The unveiling of the new Childhood Development Centre at Ncembu, KuTsolo village, in the Eastern Cape, coincided with Mandela Day – an annual global celebration that takes place on 18 July to honour the life and legacy of the first black South African president, Nelson Mandela, by making a positive impact in one’s community.

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Anele Mdoda is gushing over her father. Images via Twitter: @anele
Anele Mdoda and her father Ncembu Primary School. Images via Twitter: @anele


Mdoda, who is a well-known businessman, started the project as a response to the President’s Special Project on Early Childhood Education.

According to Zimoja, the school has an administration building; a library, a sick bay, a computer lab and a secure room for valuable school supplies. The school also has a classroom building with two classrooms that can each hold up to 30 learners, a service building with a kitchen and storeroom, four children’s restrooms and one adult restroom and an additional overflow classroom that can hold 15 learners.

Taking to her Twitter, Anele expressed pride in her father for this initiative.

“I am so proud of my dad. On the same ground he attended school in a hut, he has built an Early Childhood Development Center ku Tsolo. Stellar MC work from Zizo Tshwane.”

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Following some of Anele’s celebratory posts, a Twitter user named Tshepiso Chere requested to work as a social worker at the school.

“Anele if they need a social worker, please remember me. I am willing to relocate. This is beautiful,” the Twitter user said.

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In response, the 947 breakfast show host told the lady to reach out to her via email.

“I would appreciate a bi monthly visit for a week. Willing to pay you, please email me,” she wrote.

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