Junior De Rocka Zodwa

Images via Instagram: @juniorderocka/@zodwalebram

LOL! Junior De Rocka fans warn him against ‘loud mouth’ Zodwa

SA can’t get over how Zodwa spilt the beans on her and Thabo’s sex life. Musician Junior De Rocka ran into her recently and was issued a clear warning…

Junior De Rocka Zodwa

Images via Instagram: @juniorderocka/@zodwalebram

Zodwa Wabantu has earned herself the title of a big mouth after she shamelessly revealed that she and Black Motion’s Thabo “Smol” were getting intimate on the regular.

Her reputation apparently precedes her after another artist, Junior De Rocka shared a clip of them together and was issued a stern warning by his fans and supporters.

Junior De Rocka runs into Zodwa Wabantu

South African musician Junior De Rocka recently headed to his Instagram to share a post that featured exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu.

In the clip, Zodwa, who is known to have a big mouth, was speaking about her sex life and why she made the decision to leave sunny Durban for bustling Johannesburg.

“I left Durban, not because I was s*x deprived but because I follow the money. I will never be s*x deprived. I have a house in Durban and I can come in and out as I want, I follow the money. Just show me the money, and I will follow. I will never be s*x deprived. You see here in Johannesburg I get sex whenever I want.”

She also disclosed that she doesn’t make men pay for sex as she is usually the big spender in her “no strings attached” relationships.

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The fans are concerned

After Zodwa loudly and proudly shared how she and Black Motion’s Thabo “Smol” were hitting it off in the sack, many people were concerned that Junior may be the next to be outed. While Junior made it clear that the two of them are just friends, his fans decided it was in his best interest that they warn him that Zodwa would not keep their intimate affairs private.

rudzani_lulu said:

“Be careful pheka uzodwa akana mfihlo…Ke dlike Ke dlile (Zodwa doesn’t eat alone, there are no secrets)”

Others also shared how much they loved and appreciated the way Zodwa was open and forthcoming about her life.

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