Jub Jub

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Jub Jub accused of chasing clout after cleaning looted mall

Jub Jub shared some clips of himself cleaning a mall on social. Many however questioned the fact that he told looters to loot and now he’s cleaning up their mess.

Jub Jub

Images via Instagram @Official_JubJub/Instagram

Just last week Uyajola 99 presenter Jub Jub was justifying the behavior of South Africans who took to the streets of Johannesburg and KwaZulu-Natal to loot various shopping malls and outlets.

This weekend, Jub Jub appeared to have had a change of heart and was captured among other members of the community cleaning up a local mall.

Jub Jub has a change of heart

Last week, Jub Jub the presenter of popular South African reality show Uyajola 99, recorded himself sending a strong message to the government regarding the ongoing looting that plagued South Africans after Jacob Zuma protesters stormed the streets to demand he gets released from prison.

In the viral clip, the presenter basically condoned the actions of the looters who he said had no choice and were only trying to feed themselves after years of being subjected to impoverished lives under South Africa’s current government.

Over the weekend it appeared that he had a change of heart after he was spotted among other members of the community who gave up their time to clean up the mess that was left behind by the brazen looters.

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South Africans love Jub Jub’s gesture

Many South Africans appear to love watching Jub Jub so involved in the issues that affect the country. After he shared a post of himself armed with cleaning equipment and ready to clean a local shopping center, many people headed to the comment section where they shared many words of encouragement.

khayakazimt said:

“Out of all the celebrity live videos I’ve seen since yesterday you are the only one whose really working some that I won’t mention were just posing with brooms. Big up Jubs”

bosso483 said:

“Dankie meybru while another black child is jus waiting to comment nonsense”

Not everyone was impressed with the Ujajola 99 star

While Jub Jub raked in praises for his decision to go and clean the mall, not everyone was impressed. While some people noted how Jub Jub went from telling looters to loot to cleaning up looters’ mess, others criticised the TV presenter for taking cameras along with him to do the cleaning.

naijarasta said:

“Be the change you want? But you told them to loot…..you planned on cleaning while telling them that? How do people support destroying things and then want to help in building them back? Why support the destruction in the 1st place? Hai, something is not right Jub!!!”

iam_anarthiey said:

“You better help without showing off! A real man works in silence”

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