meek mill south africa

US rapper Meek Mill. Image via Instagram @MeekMill

‘Lol’: South Africans, Nigerians unite and hilariously drag Meek Mill

‘How do yall listen to our music in South Africa?’: Meek Mill rubbed South Africans the wrong way a recent post on X.

meek mill south africa

US rapper Meek Mill. Image via Instagram @MeekMill

South Africans and Nigerians joined forces and took to X (the social media platform previously known as Twitter), sarcastically dragging American rapper Meek Mill galore after he asked an ignorant question, seemingly looking down on Africans as seen in his post shared on Saturday, 20 January.


American rapper Meek Mill — real name Robert Rihmeek Williams rubbed South Africans and Nigerians the wrong way on X recently. The 36-year-old rapper shared that he has previously performed in Mzansi and wondered what platforms the people in the country used to listen to his music.

“Do a lot of people play my music in South Africa? I remember having on big show there a few years back… How do yall listen to our music in South Africa???? On what platform or in Nigeria?” the rapper asked.

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Needless to say, South Africans dragged the rapper for filth in the comment section. Meek Mill’s statement had South Africans and Nigerians playing tag with him as they sarcastically gave him all the wrong answers, in responding to his question.

It’s not the first time Meek Mill disappointed his South African fans. According to The Citizen, when the Going Bad hitmaker was scheduled to perform in the country in 2019, he left jaws dropped after a question and answer session with his fans, seemingly exposing himself that he allegedly didn’t even know in which country Cape Town was in.

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Meek Mill
Meek Mill Image via Twitter @MeekMill


“Normally we use rocks but on a good day we use trees or we get one person to sing for the whole village,” @Am_Blujay wrote.

“Lol you want to come here yet you’re insulting us and looking down on us?? Anyways we play your music on a tree… we charge it with oranges,” @SciTheComedist commented.

“I don’t know about South Africa and Nigeria, but here in Namibia we take empty bottles to communicate with the ancestors and your music starts playing from the clouds,” @dme_363 replied.

“We don’t have any music streaming services in Nigeria. We have this guy, he’s the only one that has access to Spotify, he’s a town crier he comes every Friday to perform your songs for us. This is how we listen to your music. I hope this helps,” @Ro_Henny replied.

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