Shakira Ramos

Shakira and Sergio Ramos at the Latin Grammys. Image source: X @Marca

El Clásico! Shakira and Ramos photos go viral [pics]

When Shakira and Sergio Ramos met at an awards show, fans on social media couldn’t help but bring up an old rivalry.

Shakira Ramos

Shakira and Sergio Ramos at the Latin Grammys. Image source: X @Marca

A recent encounter between Colombian superstar, Shakira and Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos has set social media ablaze.

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While South Africans (and Kelly Khumalo) were still reacting to the SAMAs, another big awards show took place in another part of the world. The Latin Grammy Awards were hosted in Seville, Spain and all of the biggest Spanish-language musicians in various territories had their time to shine. However, there’s one particular encounter between Shakira and Sergio Ramos that has drawn a strong reaction from social media.

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It was a hugely successful evening for Shakira, who picked up one of the biggest awards of the evening, the Song of the Year category. However, for many onlookers, it was the person who presented the award to her that caused headlines: Spanish football star, Sergio Ramos.

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Football fans could not help but point out the fact that Sergio Ramos was, for a long time, a rival of Shakira’s ex-husband, Gerard Pique. Pique and Ramos frequently clashed for Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively, in a derby known in Spain as El Clasico. Meanwhile, it’s no secret that Shakira and Pique did not end on good terms, splitting after a 12-year relationship.


Users on social media could not help but point out the irony in this chance encounter. Many joked that Shakira had officially won the breakup with the ultimate act of pettiness – even if she had nothing to do with the presenter at the Latin Grammys or the outcome of the awards!

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On top of everything else, Sergio Ramos is happily married and took the moment as nothing more than one of professional appreciation.