Heavy K Ntombi

Heavy K’s ex-wife Ntombi Nguse claims he’s neglected his sons. Image via Instagram @heavykdrumboss

Heavy K: Ex Ntombi calls out The Drumboss for ‘neglecting’ their sons

Heavy-K’s ex-wife Ntombi publicly called him out for apparently failing to follow through with his paternal responsibilities.

Heavy K Ntombi

Heavy K’s ex-wife Ntombi Nguse claims he’s neglected his sons. Image via Instagram @heavykdrumboss

Referred to as “The Drumboss” by his fans, Heavy K is a South African DJ and producer… and apparently a neglectful father too, according to his ex-wife and singer Ntombi Nguse.

Mkhululi “Heavy K” Siqula and Ntombi got divorced back in 2019 after endless marital struggles. They have two sons together: The five-year-old Yuri and the six-year-old disabled Juju.

Heavy K just announced the birth of his newborn baby boy, Phindile (who he named after his dad) with his new partner… and it looks like this has left him drifting even further away from his other two boys.


Heavy K recently admitted to not seeing Yuri and Juju as much as he would like to. The 29-year-old DJ claimed claimed that the fact that the boys are now living with their grandmother, has been causing a hindrance to his visitation  rights.

This obviously did not go down well with Ntombi…

After seeing Heavy K’s claim, Ntombi just could not keep quiet. The mother of two claims it took a lot for her to get to this point, and now she’s letting it all out.


Speaking directly to Heavy K, Ntombi let the flood gates open! Sis tagged him in the comment section of one of his social media posts and did not hold a thing back.

“When I say a lot, I mean a lot! You have been nothing but toxic from our past relationship till this very day you are toxic!

“Co-parenting with you is one of the worst experiences I’m currently going through. It’s a constant battle and it’s sad because I’ve never seen this one coming. You’ve always loved your kids, always took care of them as a dad should but ever since the year 2019.”

Ntombi Nguse

Ntombi claims that Heavy K has been distant from the boys ever since the divorce. Using his boys as a tool to gain fans is not something that settles well with Ntombi and she feels everyone should know just what type of father he really is.

“Ever since we parted ways, you kind of parted ways with your boys too, all they have now become is PR for your brand. You know how you always say, ‘I’m selling my body to make money.” Yes, you are absolutely correct! Simply because you aren’t doing enough and if it means that I need to get paid to sleep with a man so that I can make ends meet for my boys I will do it without thinking twice!”

Ntombi Nguse

Mzansi entertainment tea-spiller, Musa Khawula shared a thread of the drama to his Twitter page.



Getting into some personal matters, Ntombi made it known that their six-year-old disabled son is in desperate need of a wheelchair that his father has allegedly failed to provide… among many other things, like school fees, food and medical bills.

“You have a disabled six-year-old boy that is still unable to walk, who doesn’t have a wheelchair, who doesn’t have any medical coverage, and that time all you ever send is R5k.

“They have a nanny that needs to be paid, there are school fees, transportation, medical needs, food. Who do you think pays for all that? Always comparing yourself with a person who doesn’t even make half of what you make a month.

“I wanted to make something out of myself but because of your personal insecurities, you never wanted me to spread my wings but rather live under your shadow and look where that has gotten me? Where it has gotten our kids! Cause if I was making my own, trust and believe I wouldn’t be even doing this because I would take care of my own since you’re failing to.”

Ntombi Nguse

Ntombi is calling on Heavy K to do the bare minimum by at least buying the boys some clothes for Christmas, among other essentials they are in dire need of.


According to News24, Heavy K has refused to speak on the matter. Mzansi is waiting for a response from the lit artist as it will be an extreme blow if he really has let his boys down like this.