Halle Berry reacts to Trevor Noah’s vacation scare. Images via Instagram @trevornoah @halleberry.

‘That’s the bar’: Halle Berry on Trevor’s near-death river rafting

Halle Berry and other celebrities have react to South African-born comedian Trevor Noah’s near-death experience river rafting in Costa Rica.


Halle Berry reacts to Trevor Noah’s vacation scare. Images via Instagram @trevornoah @halleberry.

American actress Halle Berry and other celebrities have weighed in on comedian Trevor Noah’s experience white river rafting in Costa Rica after he detailed the incident in an Instagram post on Tuesday 10 January.

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Comedian Trevor Noah detailed his near-death experience while river rafting with friends Sizwe Dhlomo and Anele Mdoda in Costa Rica. 

“This years annual friend vacation had brought us to Costa Rica and for the first time we’d be white water river rafting. The guide told us it had just rained so the rapids would be class 3 to 4, which really excited us because we didn’t know what that actually meant,” he wrote.

Trevor explained that the first 20 minutes were easy but when the rapids began, things got a little out of control.

“I don’t really remember much except that one moment I was sitting in the boat and the next moment the boat was sitting on me. The one thing no one can really prepare you for us what it feels like to get sucked into a rapid. Your life jacket is almost as useless as a seatbelt in a plane crash because the rapid is so powerful it keeps sucking you back underneath like a giant water vacuum recirculating your body over and over. Up is down and down is up and all your ancestors voices are clearer than you’ve ever heard them,” he continued.

“I popped up first and grabbed onto the raft for dear life. Sizwe popped up second and like any good friend pulled himself up by pulling me back under the water. After what felt like an eternity Anele and her orange shoes finally resurfaced and all three of us were pulled to safety🙏🏽,” he added.

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A few celebrities took to the comments section of the comedian’s post to share their thoughts.

“Now that’s a BAR! this just made the whole start of my new year! ❤️,” wrote Halle Berry.

“I would have had to report the death of three great South Africans on this day,” wrote Khaya Dlanga.

“Do Vic Falls next? 😂,” wrote Chuboi.

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah has shared a hilarious account of his Costa Rica holiday scare alongside besties Sizwe Dhlomo and Anele Mdoda. Images via Instagram @trevornoah

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