Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson revealed that he has diabetes. Image via Instagram @anthonyanderson

Fans concerned over Anthony Anderson’s weight loss

Anthony Anderson appeared on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ and left viewers and fans flabbergasted after noticing his staggering weight loss.

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson revealed that he has diabetes. Image via Instagram @anthonyanderson

Black-ish star Anthony Anderson appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday, 1 February, to speak about “the link between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease”, saying that it was an issue that he was passionate about, adding that It was important to stay educated about these things.


According to Kaya FM, the comedian was diagnosed with stage 2 diabetes.

Speaking to Essence last year, Anderson revealed he had been living with diabetes for nearly 20 years. He shared that he had discovered it during the prime of his career.

The witty comedian reportedly said that he was on vacation when he noticed that his body was trying to tell him something.

When he returned from the gateway, he consulted with a doctor who took his blood work and later informed him that his sugar levels were as high as 240s.

In April last year, Anderson did a campaign with Novo Nordisk US; the organisation is “committed to driving change to defeat diabetes & other serious chronic conditions,” as shared on their online bio.

Partnered with the organisation, Anderson took to his Instagram and said,

“Shocking, but true: If you have type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease may cut your life short. Yet more than half of people with diabetes don’t consider themselves at risk of cardiovascular disease—I was one of them. And that’s why I’m now using my voice to raise awareness about the link between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

According to NHS, “cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a general term for conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels.”

According to Mayoclinic Type 2 diabetes. Also known as adult-onset diabetes can begin during childhood and adulthood. However, it is more common in older adults.

There is reportedly no cure for type 2 diabetes. Although, losing weight, eating well, and exercising could help manage the disease.

If the disease is not managed well, people battling with stage 2 diabetes could end up having to take diabetes medication or insulin therapy.

Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson’s fans were worried after seeing a rapid decrease in his weight. Image via Instagram @anthonyanderson


“Diabetes type 2 is a hell of a condition, man,” ONONGANI wrote.

“Lord, hear our prayers…we pray for his healing 🙏,” gondwez1 shared.

“Since being diagnosed, I have lost weight without trying. Diabetes is rough on the body. I have leg pains all the time. It affects everyone differently,” InfamousSylvia shared.

“Get well soon, Andy. Prayers up for you, bro,” zedcreative wrote.

“Whatever it is, I hope he beats it. Happy about the growth the online society has shown by being more sympathetic and positive. Three years ago, this could have been all trolls,” mightbefuniro commented.

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