Faith Nketsi divorce

Faith Nketsi with Nzuzo Njilo. Images fromX@faithnketsi

Back on the market? Faith Nketsi considering divorce, Mzansi puzzled

Faith Nketsi is topping trends after she revealed that she is considering divorce in the backdrop of her marriage woes.

Faith Nketsi divorce

Faith Nketsi with Nzuzo Njilo. Images fromX@faithnketsi

Celebrated reality star and hostess Faith Nketsi is making headlines after she finally revealed that she is considering divorce from her bubbly husband, Nzuzo Njilo, months after their wedding.

Nketsi set social media abuzz after she dived into her marriage, which has often thrust her into top trends over the years.

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They have made all sorts of headlines, from an alleged fallout to fraud allegations and warrants of arrest. Nzuzo Njilo has been embroiled in several fraud allegations that have since taken a toll on his marriage with Faith Nketsi.

Barely after tying the knot, the rumour mill had it that the two had trouble in paradise. It was reported that the controversial businessman allegedly funded his private wedding with Nketsi with money he swindled Lund Industries.

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In the backdrop of the news, warrants of arrest were issued against him and his business partner after a truck deal went south. Confirmed reports have it that he went awol against the warrant of arrest, forcing Faith Nketsi to move out of their marital home in Hyde Park.


Since then, the two have been having their fair share of drama, and it seems they are headed for a divorce after Faith Nketsi dropped the news in the latest episode of Have Faith.

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No doubt she has been topping trends after she confirmed that there was trouble in paradise between her and Nzuzo Njilo. She dropped the news in her latest episode of ‘Have Faith’, and Mzansi has since weighed into the matter with their two cents.

Despite not openly confirming the divorce news, Mzansi was more than convinced that it was on the cards and she was back on the market.

Of late, she has been topping trends with her partying sprees, and some old videos have also flooded social media. Is it all about views, or is she considering divorce?