Toya Delazy rant government

Image via Twitter: @ToyaDelazy

‘F*** the government’: Toya Delazy goes on a rant, AGAIN

South African musician Toya Delazy is not holding back on Twitter. The singer recently ranted about how the government are the ‘main oppressors’.

Toya Delazy rant government

Image via Twitter: @ToyaDelazy

South African London-based musician Toya Delazy is not holding back her tongue when it comes to her feelings about the government and being forced to get vaccinated. The artist has been taking to her Twitter frequently to share her thoughts on the latest developments in the world’s fight against Covid-19.

Toya Delazy takes another social media stand

Toya Delazy has been very quiet over the last few years. She recently came back to life on social media and hasn’t stopped sharing her views on the many issues the world as a whole is faced with.

Just a few weeks ago the singer was ranting about being forced to take the COVID-19 vaccination and now she is venting about the various governments across the world and how they are oppressing people. In one of her tweets that were made on 17 August Delazy says that governments accept and even welcome oppression.

She also says that some people feel left out of the transformation in their countries and the way things are run.

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“You think we would have learned from what happens when people feel left out of the transformational process. A trail of destruction follows — for the African to be truly free, mental slavery needs to end, but when governments constitutionalise oppression there is no chance,” she wrote.

The singer also retweeted a tweet that read “F** the government,” just in case anyone wasn’t clear about what her views are. She then went on to tweet:

“It’s time to realise that the main opp as humanity is the government.”

How are people responding to her tweets?

Judging by how few reactions her posts are getting people either don’t agree with her or they are just tired of listening to her rant. Each post gets just over 5 likes but we don’t think that this is going to stop her from sharing her views any time soon…

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