Doja Cat

According to fan speculation, Doja Cat has joined secret society, the Illuminati.
Images via Twitter

Newest recruit? Doja Cat fuels Illuminati speculation

Artist expression or Illuminati recruit? Fans of singer Doja Cat are on the fence about her bizarre behaviour and latest look…

Doja Cat

According to fan speculation, Doja Cat has joined secret society, the Illuminati.
Images via Twitter

Doja Cat’s bizarre behaviour and her recent Dazed magazine cover have had fans in a tizz over wild allegations she has joined the secret society, the Illuminati.

The singer – real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, who is the daughter of South African actor and muso Dumisani Dlamini – has sported a bold new look in recent months.

Her questionable wardrobe choices have even seen SA fans accuse her of ignoring “Idlozi” – an ancestral calling.

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Throughout her illustrious career, Doja Cat has covered many prestigious magazine titles, including the likes of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Billboard, and Rolling Stone.

However, the singer’s most recent cover shoot – for Dazed magazine – had raised many eyebrows.

In the shoot, Doja sports a bold new look – short green hair, blonde brows, and black grills – a look many have compared to the character The Joker, as played by actor Jared Leto.

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And with her increasingly odd behavour over recent weeks, fans are convinced that something is amiss. 

Here is what a few tweeps had to say about Doja Cat’s Dazed cover:

@Afrikanati: “This is disturbing”

@leah1ove: “Doja Cat, are you publicly humiliating yourself as a satanic ritual for the Illuminati? Asking for a friend”

@Divinebtf: “Why does this look so evil/demonic?

@xxiexxaaa: “Drugs, sold her soul, Illuminati”

@mrnotoriouslad: “Look at your eyes… that’s the kind of stuff you only see in the Illuminati they definitely took your soul”



Fuelling the fans of Doja Cat’s secret society membership conspiracy theories is the fact that she celebrated her 27th birthday last month….with an Illuminati-themed party!

The singer threw a star-studded masquerade ball complete with what fans claimed were multiple “signs” of the underground agency.

Doja even brought out a birthday cake featuring the symbol of the Freemason – a secret international fraternal organisation.

In fact, many tweeps were convinced that the party was a “ritual” for her acceptance as a new member.

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