DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle responds to Kairo Forbes comments on her not being able to cook. Images via Instagram @djzinhle.

‘I told myself to delete Twitter’: Zinhle opens up about social media scrutiny

DJ Zinhle revealed that she anted to delete Twitter and leave social media after the effect the trolling had on her mental health.

DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle responds to Kairo Forbes comments on her not being able to cook. Images via Instagram @djzinhle.

South African DJ Ntombezinhle Jiyane, popularly known as DJ Zinhle, opened up about social media scrutiny. 


DJ Zinhle revealed that she had to take a break from social media because it started to affect her mental health. She explained that the effect of social media on her mental health will be shown on her reality show – DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected. 

“I had to go to a space where I switched off from social media because it was starting to affect my mental [health]. I was becoming more anxious. Viewers will see the obvious effects of social media on the show,” she said to The Citizen.

This comes after DJ Zinhle was trolled on Twitter for her relationship with her “baby daddy” AKA after she posted a photo of him on Father’s Day. She was thereafter trolled for showing “fake love” to AKA’s girlfriend Nadia Nakai. 

She said that there was a time when she wanted to deleted Twitter.

“But, there was a time I told myself to delete the app [Twitter] and get off social media because we are at the stage of our lives where we are building something special. I can’t let my mind be affected by other things, I am accountable to so many people,” she continued.

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So, is DJ Zinhle okay with showing her kids on the show? She said that she does not have issues with showing her two daughters – Kairo Forbes, which she shares with AKA and Asante Mohosana which she shares with “husband” Murdah Bongz.

“I try not to complicate my life and do things that feel natural to me. I respect people who keep their children’s privacy, I really don’t have issues with my children being shown. If there is ever a time I feel uncomfortable I do conceal them and hide them. But, I really want to live an open and easy life,” she added

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