DJ Sbu MoFaya

DJ Sbu has shared his thoughts on buying designer. Image via Instagram @djsbulive

Big wins: DJ Sbu on MoFaya being official sponsor of Miss SA

DJ Sbu says he doesn’t mind being called a MoFaya brand ambassador after peeps wondered whether or not he truly owns the brand.

DJ Sbu MoFaya

DJ Sbu has shared his thoughts on buying designer. Image via Instagram @djsbulive

South African musician turned “hustler” DJ Sbu — real name Sbusiso Leope — has opened up about his energy drink MoFaya being made the official sponsor of this year’s Miss South Africa pageant. Responding to speculation that the drink may not be entirely his, Sbu shared that he doesn’t mind being referred to as a brand ambassador.

According to Sbu, the success of the drink is all that matters to him. He also opened up about how important it is that his hustle inspires other South Africans to chase their dreams. (

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DJ Sbu brushes off speculation that he doesn’t own MoFaya

Over the last few weeks, DJ Sbu has been facing a lot of negative talk from social media users who appear to be growing tired of his hustling tactics.

Many of their criticism came after he was recorded promoting his MoFaya energy drink onboard an airplane.

Despite being mocked, Sbu has finally had a big break after the drink was announced as the official sponsor of the 2023.

DJ Sbu's mofaya
DJ Sbu’s MoFaya is a Miss SA sponsor. Images via Twitter@viraltrends/djsbu

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Shortly after the news was announced, social media users speculated that he could not have landed a deal as big as that by himself. Many of these people also hypothesised that MoFaya may not truly be his product.

A cordial clap back

As he usually does, the 46-year-old responded to the buzz in a YouTube video.

“I’d like to confirm and say you are correct. It definitely isn’t mine because Mofaya is yours. I’m OK and you can just call me a brand ambassador, you can call me a hustler, you can call me an entrepreneur. Ultimately, language is man-made. I’m just proud of the team at Mofaya.”

He also praised those working hard beside him to make the brand a success while adding how MoFaya has served as an inspiration to those wanting to pursue entrepreneurship.

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