Black Coffee

A look at DJ Black Coffee’s net worth. Image via Instagram @realblackcoffee.

DJ Black Coffee praised for CNN interview as he calls for unity [watch]

Tweeps were impressed with Black Coffee’s interview with CNN on the unrest that took place in South Africa last week. Have a look.

Black Coffee

A look at DJ Black Coffee’s net worth. Image via Instagram @realblackcoffee.

World-renowned DJ Nkosinathi Innocent Sizwe Maphumulo, better known by his stage name Black Coffee, has been praised for his interview on the unrest that took place in South Africa with international media company CNN, which he posted to his Instagram on 20 July.

Following former president Jacob Zuma being sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for contempt of court, his supporters began to riot in KwaZulu-Natal. The riots turned into looting as people complained that they had to feed their families. However, the looting of food quickly turned to almost anything they could put their hands on. The unrest moved to Gauteng and Mpumalanga. 

The looters became uncontrollable as several malls and retailers were destroyed. The anarchy that South Africa experienced quickly caught the attention of international media houses. DJ Black Coffee did an interview with journalist Julia Chatterley on CNN which received praise from Tweeps.

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Black Coffee explained that Africa as a whole would rather give work to other continents than support local people. However, local people were the ones defending their community and their malls from looters.

“It’s the local people defending the community, but tomorrow when everything goes back to normal, the locals and the community don’t have the contracts in the mall. The contracts are held by people who are not in the community and  that’s how you start fixing the problems,” said Black Coffee.

Instead of focusing on the issues that had been taking place in South Africa at the time, Black Coffee chose to express how South Africans will come together to fix and rebuild the country. Black Coffee also shared a message of hope on Twitter.

“After all the chaos I hope the spirit of true South Africans emerge & we unite even more than we do in sports and entertainment to fix,rebuild and collaborate and to get us back into even a much better place not just as a country but as people and I hope our government shows up,” wrote Black Coffee on Twitter.

Other South African celebrities, such as Prince Kaybee and Jub Jub, went out on the streets to help communities clean up what was destroyed in an attempt to rebuild.


“When I cry, when I tweet, it’s not from a political point of view. It’s from a South African who is concerned about the future of the country and the continent,” wrote Black Coffee in the caption. 


Many Twitter users praised Black Coffee for what he said during the international interview.

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