Did Euphonik burn Bonang’s pas

‘Podcast and Chill’ claims there was a love triangle between Bonang, D’Banj and Euphonik. Images via Instagram @iambangalee @bonang_m @euphonik.

Did Euphonik burn Bonang’s passport to keep her from seeing D’banj?

The Ghost Lady claims Euphonik burnt Bonang’s passport to keep her away from D’banj. Is it true? Or is there another R500k lawsuit loading?

Did Euphonik burn Bonang’s pas

‘Podcast and Chill’ claims there was a love triangle between Bonang, D’Banj and Euphonik. Images via Instagram @iambangalee @bonang_m @euphonik.

Podcast host The Ghost Lady claimed that South African DJ Euphonik, once burnt media personality Bonang Matheba’s passport in an attempt to keep her from seeing Nigerian musician D’banj, in an episode of MacG’s Podcast and Chill.


The Ghost Lady was joined by MacG, Sol Phenduka and producer JJ on Monday 2 August as they talked about the trending topics amongst local celebrities for the week. And then The Ghost Lady dropped a bombshell…

She claimed that Euphonik once burnt Bonang’s passport so she couldn’t see D’banj as they had a love triangle going on. 

It all started when Mac G asked JJ if he was around when Bonang was dating D’banj and he responded saying no he wouldn’t come to the studio and check up on her but he was romantic and sent her roses. The Ghost Lady then chimed in with a “crazy story” she heard about D’banj, Bonang and Euphonik. 

“Now Euphonik burns Bonang’s passport, just so she cannot travel to see D’banj,” said The Ghost Lady. 

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The hosts and guests did not spend too much time on the topic of Bonang and Euphonik alleged abusive relationship and quickly moved on, which may have been a good move as Bonang previously took legal action against YouTuber Rea Gopane for defamation claiming in R500 000 damages. This followed the YouTuber saying Bonang introduced her former boyfriend, rapper AKA to cocaine.  

“My instruction is to invite you to mitigate your unlawful conduct and provide an immediate apology and unconditional retraction, which should be in writing and published on your various platforms, including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,” said Matheba’s lawyer Stephen Thomson in papers. 

The YouTuber then issued a public apology to Bonang and AKA. 

“I would like to express my sincere apology for everything I said on our podcast dated (9 May 2021). I would like to unequivocally retract my statements and apologize to all the parties concerned namely Ms Bonang Matheba, Mr Kiernan Forbes and Mr Siyabonga Ngwekazi. I know and understand that the podcast could cause harm, and I am deeply regretful for my mistake,” wrote Gopane on Instagram.

It seems The Ghost Lady has to tread lightly on her claims. 

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