Davido jewellery

Davido. Image from YouTube@musakeys

Watch: Davido flaunts jewellery worth R58 million, South Africans left puzzled

Afrobeats star Davido is making headlines after his video showing off jewellery worth R58 million made rounds on social media.

Davido jewellery

Davido. Image from YouTube@musakeys

Afrobeats star Davido showed off his bling after flaunting his jewellery that cost close to $3 million (R58 million).

No doubt he lives lavishly and is not apologetic. The star showed off his jewellery while shooting his ‘Unavailable’ video with Musa Keys.

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Many were more than puzzled about how musicians splurge millions on jewellery. In the video making rounds, the star shows off his jewellery while on the video set.

Davido. Video from YouTube@musakeys

The Nigerian superstar showed off some of his pricey jewellery before he revealed the total cost of his bling.

No doubt this is not the first time he has hogged headlines with his jewellery. In recent years he has wowed the world with his jewellery, from designer watches to custom-made jewellery.

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 Davido jewellery
Davido. Image from YouTube@musakeys

He boasts Rolexs and customised necklaces that cost a fortune. With an illustrious career spanning years, he has quickly become one of Africa’s finest.

Davido has since established himself as a brand and has cashed in from music sales and commercial deals.

To cap his life of glitz and glamour, he has blessed himself with the world’s finest things, from designer clothes to mansions dotted around the globe.

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Since his thrust into the limelight, he has been winning big. He is one of the most streamed African musicians. Over the years, he has proven to be an Amapiano hitmaker.

Recently he has been making headlines with his smash hit ‘Unavailable’, which featured Musa Keys.

The smash hit has been topping the charts since its release. The track has become a global hit, with more than 20 million views on YouTube in less than two months.