DJ Maphorisa

DJ Maphorisa makes a comeback after Thuli P drama. Image via Instagram @djmaphorisa

DJ Maphorisa returns to Twitter after Thuli P drama and talks about his business venture

Since being controversially detained for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, media personality Thuli Phongolo, DJ Maphorisa has spoken out.

DJ Maphorisa

DJ Maphorisa makes a comeback after Thuli P drama. Image via Instagram @djmaphorisa

DJ Maphorisa sent a new tweet on Sunday night bragging about his accomplishments in the local music business, making his first appearance on Twitter since he admitted an “incident” occurred between him and Phongolo on May 7 and subsequently deleted the tweet.

DJ Maphorisa claimed that because he has been doing music for 15 years, it is okay to give other young people a chance.

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DJ Maphorisa stated that he talks about enormous figures and that no one in SA handles the music industry the way he does.

Using a new business module DJ Maphorisa developed, aggregators were forced to sell their businesses to major labels.

In Maphorisa’s tweet, there was a picture of him playing a video game beside his long-time partner Kabza De Small, who seemed like he was working on music right next to him.

The irony of the image and message was made fun of by Twitter users in the comments.

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DJ Maphorisa is not stopping

Less than a month after an alleged violent incident with his partner Thuli Phongolo, South African DJ, record producer, musician, and composer DJ Maphorisa is back in the game, and fans are embracing it.

In a popular video shared on social media, the musician, actual name Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, was seen partying with fans in the club.

The video was released a few weeks after Thuli P dropped his assault claims against the celebrity.

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Maphorisa can be seen grooving to his popular single from his feature music video Mnike with his followers in the video, which was first shared on TikTok.

The hitmaker was also seen dancing and drinking what looked to be booze, showing that he had put the issue behind him.

Maphorisa undoubtedly made the decision to attempt and move on from the drama that involved him and Thuli P and to take pleasure in his now dramatic-free life.