Cyan Boujee

Influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee.
Image via Instagram

Cyan Boujee gives the Uncle Waffles burger a thumbs up

Cyan Boujee is one of the few people who appears to have enjoyed the KFC Uncle Waffles burger. Take a look at her review…

Cyan Boujee

Influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee.
Image via Instagram

South African social media users aren’t impressed with KFC and it’s Uncle Waffles burger. Many of them have shared negative reviews in fact, one food influencer even went viral after spitting the burger out of her mouth. Cyan Boujee, who clearly saw that review, decided to give her two cents.

Taking to TikTok she shared a video of herself trying it and surprisingly liking it. In the comment section, many applauded her for the honest review.

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Cyan Boujee tries Uncle Waffles burger

It would appear a number of South Africans will not be having the Uncle Waffles KFC burger as their go to meal at the fast food restaurant.

Many of them have rushed to the restaurant to get their hands on the meal but unfortunately, according to their reviews, the meal isn’t exactly to their liking.

Images of Cyan Boujee with her mother sparked discussions about her upbringing and choices. Image: Instagram via @cyan.boujee
Cyan Boujee tried the Uncle Waffles burger. Image: Instagram via @cyan.boujee

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One woman decided to review the meal herself but after taking one bit however, it would appear she couldn’t stomach the meal and immediately spat it out on camera.

She has been criticised by influencer and IG model Cyan Boujee who shared a clip of herself trying the meal. Surprisingly, she enjoyed the meal and ate every last bite of it.

Take a look below:

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SA has mixed reactions

Cyan is one of the first to say she actually likes the meal, naturally people in the comment section had their questions.

Some shared shared their thoughts on how they think the meal tastes.

“I tried it. It’s very horrible. I took one bite and threw it away. It’s too sweet and that whole texture is weird.,” one person said and a number of others agreed.

“Kgane why is it that you guys wena everyone to hate this burger? To you, The only “real” reviews are the bad ones. And I’m with her, it’s ok, the waffles are a bit dry.”

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