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The Springbok will wear the aqua away kit in their first Rugby World Cup match.
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RWC: REAL reason Springboks are forced to wear ‘awful’ away kit

According to Rugby World Cup organisers, there is a valid reason why the Springboks and other teams must wear alternate kits.

springboks, rugby world cup, away kit

The Springbok will wear the aqua away kit in their first Rugby World Cup match.
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The Springboks’ new kit sponsors – Nike – have been put on blast for their “awful” aqua away kit, which the team will wear in their first Rugby World Cup match against Scotland.

But according to organisers of the seven-week tournament, the national team’s “fashion fail” has everything to do with a progressive new policy.

Like many other teams, the Boks have been forced to wear their alternate kit at the RWC.

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According to World Rugby, from 2025, all teams will be subjected to a new policy that caters to fans, players, and even match officials with colour vision deficiency, commonly known as colour blindness. 

However, this policy has already come into effect at the Rugby World Cup.

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The organisation states that teams have been encouraged to wear certain kit combinations in an effort to avoid kit “clashes,” where the colours of both teams appear too “similar”  or “lack contrast” for colour-blind people.

According to World Rugby, the home and away kits of all participating 20 countries were tested to ensure the best colour combinations.

springboks, away kit, rugby world cup
Springboks fans have rubbished the team’s aqua away kit. Images via Twitter: @springboks

A spokesperson said: “World Rugby supports initiatives that make the sport more inclusive, a stance underscored by the publication of colour-blind awareness guidelines.

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“While the guidelines will not come into effect until 2025 for World Rugby competitions, we have been making moves to implement them.

“At Rugby World Cup 2023, we have collaborated with the participating unions to minimise colour blindness/colour vision deficiency issues wherever possible.

“In the small number of fixtures where there are challenges either as a result of this guidance or traditional kit clashes for broadcast where colours are similar or the same, unions have been supportive and accommodating. This collaboration is very much appreciated.”


So, how does this affect the Springboks?

In SA’s first Rugby World Cup match against Scotland, both teams will wear their away kit. The Springboks will wear aqua, and their opponents will wear white.

According to social media speculation, it is likely that the national team will wear blue again for their other matches. These include play-offs against Ireland, Romania, and Tonga in the coming weeks.

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Springboks assistant coach Mzwandile Stick claims the team has already embraced the change despite the public backlash.

He told Rugby365: “It is our away jersey. It is official, and we have made peace with it a long time ago.”