Connie Ferguson joke

Connie Ferguson. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson

This Connie Ferguson’s behind-the-scenes joke will break your ribs [watch]

While shooting ‘The Queen,’ actress Connie Ferguson released a big joke that left everyone in the room in stitches.

Connie Ferguson joke

Connie Ferguson. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson

Actress Connie Ferguson’s behind-the-scenes big joke almost broke people’s ribs as they stopped shooting.

On The Queen, Connie was well known for her toughness and the no-nonsense character she portrayed. More often than she killed people, which made her far from making a joke. Indeed, things happening on camera are far from what would happen behind the scenes.

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Also, following her personal life, Connie Ferguson doesn’t seem to be a big joke teller; she is always in the gym. She appears to be a difficult person who is not easy to approach. Fans of The Queen always thought that Brutus ‘Themba Ndaba’ was the king of jokes, but it seemed that it was all in his show character. Instead, Connie was a big deal as far as marks were concerned.

Indeed, this is not the truth; Connie Ferguson tells big jokes when she is in the right mood, and this one will break your ribs. Let’s get into Connie’s joke in detail without taking much.

Connie Ferguson joke
Connie Ferguson. Image via Instagram @connie Ferguson


It looked as if Connie and Lorraine were shooting a scene when they met at the restaurant, with Olerato confronting Harriet about the killings. That alone tells how tense the atmosphere was meant to be as it was a matter of serious issues.

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While they were set to shoot, someone’s phone rang, and Connie had some words for them. At first, she looked so furious about the disturbance as she was ready for action. However, when Connie Ferguson realised it was a Samsung phone, she had to make a big joke.

She made fun of that nobody is supposed to own a Samsung, which delivered a lousy day to the owner. Everyone in the house could not work for a few seconds before they resumed.

Watch Connie Ferguson’s behind-the-scenes joke that will break your ribs.