Charlize Theron’s latest snap has many questioning her romantic life. Image via Instagram @charlizeafrica

Secret lovers? Charlize Theron pic with Korean singer raises brows

Could this young woman be Charlize Theron’s new love interest? Here’s why social media users think that she is…


Charlize Theron’s latest snap has many questioning her romantic life. Image via Instagram @charlizeafrica

Social media users haven’t stopped wondering whether Charlize Theron is having a secret love affair with a Blackpink girl group singer Jisoo. This after a photo of her and the beautiful singer was shared online and currently in heavy circulation.

Many in the comment section wondered whether the pair are a couple while others pointed out that they had a big age difference which would have been frowned upon if Charlize was a man and not a woman.

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Charlize looks cosy in pic with K-pop singer

Over the years, South African born US based award-winning actress Charlize Theron has kept her love life pretty quiet and doesn’t appear to make headlines when it comes to her romantic interest.

In May this year, she did go public with model Alex Dimitrijevic who she reportedly had been seeing for a couple of months.

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron has left people speculating about her love life. Image via Instagram @charlizeafrica

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Things around their relationship have been pretty quiet which must be why speculation around whether or not she is secretly seeing Korean singer Jisoo is flying.

A photo of her and Jisoo has been shared thousands of times on social media as app users discuss how “cosy” they look together.

“BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Charlize Theron look beautiful in new photo together,” @popcrave captioned the photo of the pair.

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Netizens way in

Many people wondered whether or not they are undercover lovers or not. Some however remarked that she may be too old for Jisoo who is reportedly 28 while the actress is 48.

“Charlize: 48. Jisoo: 28. Everybody too quiet,” one person wrote about the pair while another added:

“They look happy together and I’m here for it!”

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