Please explain: Cassper Nyoves

Cassper Nyovest and Drip Footwear CEO Lekau Sehoana. Image via Instagram @casspernyovest.

Please explain: Cassper Nyovest’s R100m deal with Drip Footwear

No wonder Cassper Nyovest turned down a R1 million offer to collaborate on a joint album with AKA…Why bother with ‘small change’ when you have a R100 million deal in the works?

Please explain: Cassper Nyoves

Cassper Nyovest and Drip Footwear CEO Lekau Sehoana. Image via Instagram @casspernyovest.

Cassper Nyovest’s R100 million deal with Drip Footwear caused quite the stir in entertainment circles as to how a local celebrity endorsement “legacy deal” can add up to such an astronomical figure.

The Mama I Made It hitmaker has previously been tied Drip Footwear through wearing their sneakers, but the R100 million partnership between his label, Family Tree Records, and the South African footwear brand is a whole different ball game.  

Cassper and Drip Footwear: ‘Most significant partnership ever’

According to Drip Footwear CEO Lekau Sehoana, it is “the most significant’ partnership ever created between a non-athlete personality and an athleisure brand”.

“We are about to launch a series of products under our new wing, The Root of Fame with Cassper Nyovest. This partnership goes beyond music and sneakers, it’s a showcase of black excellence through the power of collaboration,” according to Drip Footwear’s Facebook page. 

Cassper signs on the dotted line…

In a video posted to Nyovest’s Instagram, the rapper is seen signing the deal with Sehoana at a press conference held at The Leonardo in Sandton, Johannesburg, on 8 June. 

The Amademoni hitmaker took to Twitter, in a series of posts to show his anticipation of what is yet to come off this “legacy deal”.


In an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, Sehoana has provided some clarity on what the R100 million amount of the partnership entails.  

“It’s just the products, we signed a contract worth R100 million of the products. If it is a sneaker or a T-shirt worth R2,000 we are going to make ones that are worth R100 million, up until that particular term ends,” he said. 

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