Cassper Nyovest big announcement

Image via Twitter: @casspernyovest

Cassper is cooking ‘something special’ and no, it’s not on ‘The Braai Show’

Cassper Nyovest has left his fans on the edge of their seats after announcing that he is up to something major. We have a good idea what it may be about!

Cassper Nyovest big announcement

Image via Twitter: @casspernyovest

Cassper Nyovest is seemingly always laughing his way to the bank. The rapper recently headed online to announce that he is cooking up something amazing and we’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with his recent endeavor, The Braai Show. While many people have been left guessing what he might be buzzing about, we have a good guess of what it may be.

Cassper Nyovest gets fans all riled up with an exciting secretive post

South African hip-hop star and hitmaker Cassper Nyovest is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to building his empire. The Baby Girl hitmaker recently took to Instagram where he got his many fans buzzing after posting about something amazing that he is about to announce.

In his caption, Cassper explains that he has a “big announcement” he also wrote how this is one of the biggest announcements of his entire career.

“I have a big announcement. September 5th! September ka di 5 – make sure you check out my timeline because I’m announcing something so special,” he captioned a video of himself saying:

“It is so big I can’t even believe that it is happening. All the hard work has finally come to pay for me and I want you to celebrate with me as I launch one of the biggest projects of my career.

“Bona ntjaka re kene, re dula mo bone, ase nnete. It is so big and I can’t even believe that it’s happening. Make sure you check out my timeline. As I launch one of the biggest projects of my career.”

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Fans get to guessing

Of course, the Maftown rapper’s fans were excited and wasted no time taking to the comment section to share congratulatory messages with their favourite Mzansi rapper:

tumitladi said:

“Ishuuuuu I’m pumped.”

takkies7 said:

“Tjerrr your energy made me so excited ???????????????????????? we can’t wait.”

Meanwhile, here’s what we know

We all know that Cassper has put a lot of energy into promoting P-Diddy’s Ciroc. We also now have reason to believe that the star will probably be launching his very own alcohol brand – because well Mzansi celebs love getting their fans tipsy it seems.

Zalebs reports that during an interview on the Venom & Banques show, he revealed that he was launching a drink soon and he even brought some of it to the studio for the hosts to taste. In true Cassper style, he described it as a taste of wealth and said those tasting it will get to experience how wealth tastes like.

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