Thabo Bester

EFF president Julius Malema and Facebook rapist Thabo Bester. Images via Teitter: @sihlemavuso, Instagram: @julius.malema.sello

Why Malema believes Kokstad prison is better for Bester [video]

Julius Malema wants Thabo Bester to be moved to the Ebongweni prison in Kokstad where inmates spend 23 hours in solitary confinement.

Thabo Bester

EFF president Julius Malema and Facebook rapist Thabo Bester. Images via Teitter: @sihlemavuso, Instagram: @julius.malema.sello

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) president Julius Malema and many other South Africans do not believe Kgosi Mampuru II, a C-Max prison in Pretoria, is the right place to detain notorious murderer and rapist Thabo Bester.

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On Thursday, 13 April, the man known as the “Facebook rapist” and his girlfriend Dr Nandipha Magudumana landed in the country, with a flight arriving at Lanseria Airport early morning.

The couple was caught in Tanzania last Friday after being on the run since Bester’s daring escape from the Mangaung Correctional Centre on 3 May last year.

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Several other people have so far been arrested in relation to his escape, including an official who was on duty on the day, Senohe Matsoara; Magudumana’s father, Zolile Sekeleni; and an Integritron CCTV technician, Tebogo Lipholo.

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During a press conference in Cape Town, Police Minister Bheki Cele assured South Africans that the man who landed in a private jet in Johannesburg on Thursday morning and who had been reincarcerated at Kgosi Mampuru prison was, indeed, the notorious murderer and rapist, Thabo Bester.

Bester’s partner, Magudumana, is expected to appear at the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court on Thursday.

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However, Julius Malema is not in support of the decision to detain Bester at the Kgosi Mampuru prison. He, instead, wants Bester to be reincarcerated at Kokstad Prison, also called the Ebongweni Correctional Services.

In a tweet on Thursday, Malema bemoaned the decision: “He must go to Kokstad prison; kgoši Mampuru can’t be trusted at all. MXM”.

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Although Kgosi Mampuru prison is known as a high-security prison, many South Africans are questioning its security levels. This is because one of the country’s most notorious prisoners, Ananias Mathe, escaped from the very same prison in 2006.

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Mathe — who was dubbed by police as the “ultimate career criminal” — was a serial rapist‚ robber and murderer.

The Mozambican national is famous for reportedly rubbing petroleum jelly all over his body to slip away from the high-security prison in Pretoria. However, these claims were debunked as it later emerged that he walked out after paying warders a R80 000 bribe — TimesLIVE reported in 2016.

After being recaptured a month after his escape from the Kgosi Mampuru C-Max prison, he was sent to the super-max Ebongweni Prison in Kokstad, where he twice tried to escape. In 2013, he chiselled a hole through a wall in yet another attempt to escape but was caught. Mathe died at King Edward VIII Hospital in Durban in December 2016.

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Ebongweni prison in Kokstad, KwaZulu-Natal, is South Africa’s most secure high-tech prison.

It is the country’s only super-maximum jail housing hardcore criminals such as Thozamile Taki, known as “The Sugarcane Killer,” who is serving 13 life sentences, as well as Czech mafia boss, Radovan Krejcir, who briefly served his 35-year sentence for kidnapping and attempted murder.

In 2018, eNCA visited the jail which correctional services and prison authorities claim softens hardened criminals.

At Ebongweni, inmates spend 23 hours in solitary confinement, cells are underground, and surveillance is strict as the ratio is one warder per prisoner.