Rose Hanbury Prince William

Rose Hanbury is ‘very upset’ over the Prince William affair rumours. Image via Twitter @eyeryscompany

William’s ‘mistress’: How Kate, Rose’s bond survived rift rumours

Princess Kate and the woman accused of being Prince William’s mistress survived affair and rift rumours – here’s what we know.

Rose Hanbury Prince William

Rose Hanbury is ‘very upset’ over the Prince William affair rumours. Image via Twitter @eyeryscompany

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton has a strong bond with Rose Hanbury, the woman accused of having an affair with the Prince of Wales, William – here’s a look at how the ladies relationship survive the rift rumours.

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Prince William has found himself at the tail end of affair rumours in recent years. The Prince of Wales was accused of cheating on his wife, Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, while she was pregnant with their third child. The alleged “mistress” was identified as a close friend of the couple – Rose Hanbury. She holds the title of Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

Back in 2019, an American publication InTouch, reported that Prince William may have had an affair with Hanbury. The publication also reported that Kate allegedly confronted William and he laughed it off saying it was nothing. However, there is no public evidence to back up the allegations that William actually cheated on Kate.

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So, how did Kate and Rose’s bond survive these affair rumours? The Sun reports that Kate went to her first rave with Rose earlier this month. The publication reports that royal expert Ingrid Seward said that Kate and Rose were not childhood friends, and come from different backgrounds.

Rose befriended Kate when she first started going to Sandringham with Prince William. The pair’s friendship grew and their kids became playmates as well. Both families enjoy dinners together.

In 2019, there were rumours of a rift between the ladies. However, these were later slammed by friends as “false” and “mad.”

“These hurtful rumours of a fall-out are simply false,” said a source to Daily Mail.

Kate and Rose’s friendship appear to be as strong as ever, despite the affair and rift rumours. The duo attended the Houghton Festival together earlier this month. Seward noted that the ladies are both strong and will survive whatever happens.

“But they are both very strong women. Whatever happens they will survive. They recognise their similarities and like each other for it,” said Seward according to The Sun.

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