Annalynne McCord recites a poem to Vladimir Putin

Annalynne McCord recites a poem to Vladimir Putin
Image via Twitter

‘If I was your mother’: Actress trolled over ‘cringe’ poem to Putin [watch]

In a bizarre clip posted on Twitter, US actress Annalynne McCord essentially mommy-shamed the mother of Vladimir Putin.

Annalynne McCord recites a poem to Vladimir Putin

Annalynne McCord recites a poem to Vladimir Putin
Image via Twitter

Actress and human rights activist Annalynne McCord has a special message for Vladimir Putin …

But it’s not a message telling the Russian president to cease fire and withdraw his troops from Ukraine. Instead, it’s a poem criticising the 69-year-old statesman’s mother.


In a post shared on her Twitter account, the 90210 star shared a bizarre poem in which she rambled about wanting to be the mother of Vladimir Putin.

She said in part: “If I was your mother, you would have been so loved. Held in the arms of joyous light. Never would this story’s plight the world unfurled before our eyes. A pure demise of nations sitting peaceful under a night sky.

“If I was your mother, the world would have been warm. So much laughter and joy and nothing would harm. I can’t imagine the stain, the soul-stealing pain that the little boy you must have seen and believed, and the formulation of thought quickly taught you that you live in a cruel, unjust world?”

“Oh, dear Mr. President Putin, if only I’d been your mother, perhaps the torture of unwrit youth would not within your heart imbue ascription to such fealty against that world that seemed so cruel”.

According to reports, Putin’s mother Maria Ivanovna Putina was a “kind” factory worker who died in 1988.


Whilst a few tweeps appreciated Annalynne’s performance art, others described the video as “weird”. Others slate her for blaming the possibility of world war three on a woman.

“She binge watched every Karen video before declaring – Hold My Kombucha! A true white woman masterpiece”

“Just sing ‘Imagine’ next time. It’s easier than whatever this is”

“What we’re not going to do in the middle of potential WW3 is start blaming women/mothers for how men in power behave. There’s still time to delete this babe”

“Yes more tummy time would have prevented this”

“I would pay a lot of money to un-see this”


Controversial media personality Piers Morgan also weighed in with his opinion, tweeting: “This is so cringe I can feel my eyeballs curling up”.

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