Dingaan has slammed Tweeps for making fun of his painting using Riky Rick’s name. Image via Instagram: @Dingaan1

‘Grow the f*ck up’: Dingaan slams SA for making a mockery of Riky’s death

‘What’s wrong with South Africans,’ the actor asked after people started circulating his Rasta portrait and claiming it’s Riky Rick.


Dingaan has slammed Tweeps for making fun of his painting using Riky Rick’s name. Image via Instagram: @Dingaan1

South African actor Dingaan Khumalo is not happy with local Twitter users. The Muvhango actor recently spoke out about jokes that were being made around a portrait that Rasta made of him which people mistook for late rapper Riky Rick. According to Dingaan, people have no right to be making a “mockery” out of the painting or Rasta’s skills during this difficult time.

Dingaan slams Tweeps for making a ‘mockery’ of Riky Rick’s passing

Dingaan Khumalo just put a lot of Twitter users in their places after they started circulating a portrait of him that was made by famous SA artist Rasta last year.

Many of those who were sharing the portrait assumed that it was late rapper Riky Rick and were soon making fun of Rasta for getting it wrong once again.

Dingaan, however, did not find it funny at all and quickly told these Tweeps where they can get off in a video posted on Instagram on 24 February this year.

“I’m coming to you guys with a very heavy heart. Very heavy heart because I’m sad, I’m embarrassed and I’m ashamed.

“Guys I’m not going to say anything about Riky’s passing. I don’t know Riky personally, but Riky is a brother in the arts. That’s not the reason why I am making this video. I am making this video because I’m ashamed, I am sad. I feel heartbroken. Why am I saying this?”

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He then explains that the portrait is not Riky Rick and was made for him by Rasta when he released his album.

“The portrait that Rasta made, he made it for me last year December when I released my album. He did not make the picture for Riky. The audacity that you people have of taking that picture and making it a mockery out of it,” he adds.

‘What’s wrong with South Africans’

He then went on to chastise those who were using the portrait to make fun of Rasta while adding Riky Rick’s name to the mix:

“Do you not understand why people who are hurt never speak? Do you now understand why people who are depressed never say anything to you because when they say stuff to you guys, you take their pain and make a mockery out of it? What’s wrong with you South Africans? I’m talking about everyone.

“Why would you take Riky’s death and make a mockery out of it. Guys Riky is a father, Riky was a husband, Riky was a son, Riky was a brother, Riky was a friend. How do you think Riky’s family feels at this moment when you are busy circulating my picture and saying rest in peace Riky?

Ricky Rick (Rikhado Makhado) died on Wednesday 23 February after committing suicide. He is famous for songs such as Boss Zonke, Stay shining, and Sidlukotini.

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