Tweeps defend Elon Musk from body shaming. Images via Instagram @WuTangKinds @DESTINOOOOOOOO1.

‘Don’t body shame him’: Tweeps defend Elon Musk after viral shirtless pic

Twitter users have jumped to billionaire Elon Musk’s defence after he was ‘body shamed’ over a shirtless photo.


Tweeps defend Elon Musk from body shaming. Images via Instagram @WuTangKinds @DESTINOOOOOOOO1.

Twitter users have come to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s defence after a shirtless photo of him on vacation in Mykonos, Greece went viral on Monday 18 July. 


Elon Musk was spotted shirtless on vacation in Mykonos, Greece. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO was on vacation with a small group of friends which included fashion designer Sarah Staudinger and her new husband, superstar agent Ari Emanuel.

The billionaire reportedly boarded the yacht in a plain white T-shirt, black swim shorts, sunglasses, a baseball cap and flip-flops. The billionaire stripped down to just his bathing suit. Photos of Musk went viral on Twitter. Take a look…

According to Page Six the luxury yacht costs an estimated $20 000 (R340 930) per week. The yacht is said to accommodates six guests in more than three cabins and comes with a professional crew.

Tweeps defend Elon Musk from body shaming. Images via Instagram @WuTangKinds @DESTINOOOOOOOO1.

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Many Tweeps trolled the billionaire over the shirtless photo. Take a look…

“Some unfortunate news, I’m blind after gouging out my own eyes after seeing shirtless photos of Elon Musk on the internet,” tweeted @covie_93.

“I need for you all to please quit doing whatever it is you’re doing that’s causing photos of shirtless Elon Musk to show up in my feed. Thank you for your support,” tweeted @NinjaMama617.

While others have called for Tweeps to stop body shaming the billionaire. Take a look…

“Don’t body shame people. If people need shaming, I guarantee their rotten souls are the problem,” tweeted @JortsTheCat.

“Kinda funny that everyone is body shaming Elon musk, while banning other for the same thing,” tweeted @knifeymcstab420.

“Why is the whole world body shaming Elon Musk though,” tweeted @ethelcofie.

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