MaKhumalo is a ‘RHOD’ fan favourite. Image via Instagram @thobilek.

‘She offers zero content’: Tweeps want MaKhumalo to leave ‘RHOD’

Twitter users think MaKhumalo should leave ‘RHOD’ because she ‘offers zero content and brings nothing to the show.’ Take a look…


MaKhumalo is a ‘RHOD’ fan favourite. Image via Instagram @thobilek.

Twitter users think reality star and radio host Thobile “MaKhuamlo” Mseleku brings zero content to the show and do not want her to return for the next season – following the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) on 25 March.


The ladies discussed the drama from their Nambiti getaway on the latest episode of RHOD. Between the travel plans and sleeping arrangements and a surprise “invasive” question and answer session the ladies had a lot to chat about. 

The ladies also spoke about how MaKhumalo does not actually fit in. They mentioned that it did not even feel like she was on the trip implying that she keeps to herself. Tweeps noticed this as well and thought MaKhumalo brought zero content to the show. They also expressed that they did not want her to be there for the next season.

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Twitter users feel as though MaKhumalo brings nothing to RHOD. Take a look…

“Thobile better not come back next season, she offers zero content and brings nothing to the show,” tweeted @Bongani__Selepe.

“The person who thought of casting Thobile as a wife needs two written warnings because wow!  #RHODurban,” tweeted @Bandz_Wodumo22.

“Nonku is definitely carrying this show, Jojo is irritating, Londie is the biggest gossip , Annie is a child, Sorisha is underwhelming, Laconco is boring with the whole trying to be mysterious thing and Thobile brings absolutely nothing to the show #RHODurban,” tweeted @dabri44.

Some thought Mabusi Seme should be cast as a main character because she has done more than both MaKhumalo and Londie. 

“Mabusi needs to be part of the main cast haaaibo gal has done more for this show than Thobile & Londie combined. A queen this one & definitely putting that Karen in her place, love that for her #RHODurban,” tweeted @tshidi_valencia.

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