Thambi Dish serves Mohale Motaung with a legal letter. Images via Instagram @thamidish @mohale_77.

R1m damages? Thami denies ‘abuse enabler’ claim, slams Mohale

Thami Dish is demanding not just a public apology, but the apology be pinned at the top Mohale’s social media accounts for three months.


Thambi Dish serves Mohale Motaung with a legal letter. Images via Instagram @thamidish @mohale_77.

Public figure Thami “Dish” Kotlolo broke his silence over Somizi Mhlongo’s estranged husband Mohale Motaung’s claim that he knew about the alleged abuse – via Instagram on Thursday 11 August.


Thami Dish released a statement following Mohale’s claim that he knew about the abuse via his Showmax special Mohale: On The Record. He claimed that he did facilitate a meeting following an altercation but he he claims he did not suggest Mohale returns home to Somizi.

“While I would have facilitated a meeting between the two parties at my house following an altercation — it would have been purely for the purposes of having both parties share their side of the story from their perspective,” he said.

“At no point was a suggestion made by myself that Mr Moatung returns to a home or relationship where there was ongoing abuse. And he knows this. That would have been a decision he took outside my influence,” he continued.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela reported that Thami sent Mohale a letter of demand for him to issue a public apology or pay damages up to R1 million. Take a look…

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  • The legal letter has three demands. One, the parties addressed in the letter of demand cease and desist from making and/or broadcasting any false, malicious and defamatory statements against him. 
  • Two, the parties need to retract the “statements” in question and issue an apology within 48 hours of receiving the letter.
  • Thirdly, Thami wants the parties involved to pin the apology at the top of their social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) for a period of three months.
Thambi Dish slams Mohale Motaung. Images via Instagram @thamidish @mohale_77.

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