Thabo Bester, burberry

Thabo Bester wears a Burberry hoodie to court.
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Burberry baddie: Thabo Bester given special treatment? [photos]

Was convicted criminal Thabo Bester – wearing a Burberry hoodie – given special treatment with his virtual appearance in court?

Thabo Bester, burberry

Thabo Bester wears a Burberry hoodie to court.
Images via Twitter:

Thabo Bester made his third court appearance – virtually – at the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court. And all eyes were on the convicted criminal’s appearance, complete with Burberry hoodie and new hairstyle.

Bester appeared via video link from the Kgosi Mampuru prison in Pretoria on Tuesday, 16 May.

Bester and his co-accused – including alleged partner Nandipha Magudumana- face 16 criminal charges, including fraud, violating a body, corruption, arson, escaping from lawful custody, and defeating the ends of justice.

Thabo Bester will next appear in court on 20 June and will remain behind bars. It’s unclear if he will appear virtually or in person at his next court appearance.

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Like his co-accused Nandipha Magudumana, Thabo Bester’s court appearance had tongues wagging.

The convicted rapist, murderer, and fraudster sported a designer look – a Burberry hoodie. Also, like Nandipha, Bester sported a new hairstyle.

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The smooth-talking criminal shaved off his long black locks, reverting to a buzz cut previously seen in past court appearances and pictures.

Take a look…

Thabo Bester, burberry
Bester appears in court via video link. Image via Twitter: @advobarryroux


On social media, many South Africans voiced their disapproval of Thabo Bester’s “special treatment.” This included Bester being permitted to appear virtually and wear designer clothes.

However, Bester’s legal representative Tsoeunyane Jeremiah Pela argued that he be permitted to appear in court in person.

According to Pela, this would aid their consultations during court proceedings.

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Then there was the question of Thabo Bester not appearing in prison uniform. While Bester was technically in prison and not in court, he was permitted to wear civilian clothing. 

According to the Department of Correctional Services, inmates – including those remanded in custody – are permitted to wear civilian clothing during court appearances. 

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