Belinda Wiese, wife of rugby legend Kobus Wiese. Image: X via @Wikibioin

Belinda Wiese, wife of rugby legend Kobus Wiese. Image: X via @Wikibioin

Springboks WAG: Belinda Wiese, wife of Kobus, where is she now?

Behind every great athlete stands an unsung hero, and in the case of Kobus Wiese, that hero is undoubtedly his wife, Belinda Wiese.

Belinda Wiese, wife of rugby legend Kobus Wiese. Image: X via @Wikibioin

Belinda Wiese, wife of rugby legend Kobus Wiese. Image: X via @Wikibioin

Rugby legends are often celebrated for their on-field heroics, but behind every great player stands a strong and supportive partner. Belinda Wiese, the wife of South African rugby icon Kobus Wiese, is one such remarkable woman.

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Belinda Wiese, like many private individuals, keeps her personal details under wraps. Her age remains a well-guarded secret, with no information available on social media platforms. She appears to be in her fifties, while her husband, Kobus Wiese, is currently 56 years old, born on 16 May 1964.

She is a mother of two teenagers, as stated in her Twitter bio. Aside from her role as the wife of a rugby legend, Belinda Wiese is also deeply involved in the coffee trade.

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Alongside Kobus, they entered the coffee business in 1994, when the coffee trade was still a niche market in South Africa.

Their venture, Wiesenhof Coffee Shop, became a beloved local hangout spot, ultimately leading to the birth of Wiese Coffee Holdings (WCH).

Wiese Coffee Holdings operates with a strong commitment to ethical business practices and integrity. The family-oriented business includes their children, Le Roux and Deminey, who share their passion for the coffee industry.

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They aim to create a legacy based on high ethical standards, honest business management, and respect for all individuals.

Kobus Wiese, known for his rugby prowess, also dedicates his family to giving back to the community.

He supports various charities, including the Forrest Town School and the Wilderness Foundation, reflecting the family’s commitment to social responsibility.

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Belinda Wiese, the wife of legendary rugby player Kobus Wiese, remains a private individual, focusing on family and the family business, Wiese Coffee Holdings.

In the world of rugby, she stands as a steadfast pillar of support, and in the world of coffee, she is a driving force behind their ethical and quality-oriented business.

Belinda Wiese, a woman of mystery, strength, and dedication, truly embodies the essence of a rugby legend’s better half.