Bahumi somizi

Bahumi sent her father an adorable birthday wish. Images via Instagram @somizi @bahumimhlongo.

Did Somizi’s daughter Bahumi officially change her surname to Mhlongo?

Controversial blogger Musa Khawula claimed Somizi’s daughter Bahumi officially changed her surname to Mhlongo. Is this true?

Bahumi somizi

Bahumi sent her father an adorable birthday wish. Images via Instagram @somizi @bahumimhlongo.

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo’s daughter Bahumi has been on a quest to take on his surname on the fifth season of his Showmax reality series.


Somizi’s “baby mama” Palesa Madisakwane revealed that he did not pay damages for their daughter Bahumi on his reality series. So, Bahumi was given her mom’s surname. However, she expressed that she wanted to change her surname on the fifth season of the reality series. 

Somizi’s ‘baby mama’ Palesa and his daughter Bahumi. Image via Instagram @bahumimhlongo.

Palesa explained that certain cultural things needed to take place before Bahumi can take on the Mhlongo surname.

“If she wants to change her surname to Mhlongo, she is an Mhlongo at the end of the day. There is nothing I can do, but I am just worried (about) what my dad will say. My father always says that there are steps that need to be taken,” said Palesa.

“It’s not about money, it’s just about certain things to be corrected so that we can give her our blessings,” she continued.

Bahumi, on the other hand, feels it’s more of a spiritual decision rather than cultural.

“Honestly, it’s as simple as wanting my surname to be as it should be. In a nutshell, It’s more of a spiritual decision. It speaks of the weight that a paternal lineage holds than anything else. Most people believe that it’s because of the public name it holds or me wanting a sense of belonging in the family, and neither of those are true,” she said in an exclusive interview with The South African.

“My paternal family already makes me feel more than welcome and honestly,  the public assumption shocked me. I see why people would jump to that conclusion, but no that wasn’t of paramount importance to me,” she continued.

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Controversial blogger Musa Khawula — who City Press labelled a “plague upon the media industry” — claimed that Bahumi had officially changed her surname to Mhlongo via a tweet.

“Bahumi successfully changes her surname from Madisakwane to Mhlongo. This comes after Mohale Motaung’s bid to claim 50% of his husband’s estate Somizi Mhlongo,” he tweeted.

So, is this true? The South African reached out to Bahumi for confirmation and she said that she could not answer before the fifth season of Living the Dream with Somizi ends. This is because it is a part of the storyline.

“I can’t answer that before the season ends, as it is a storyline in the show,” she said exclusively to The South African.

However, the actress goes as “Mhlongo” on Instagram.

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