Thebe Magugu

Thebe Magugu collaborated with Orlando Pirates. Image via Instagram @thebemagugu/ via Twitter @orlandopirates

Eish! Soccer fans blast Thebe Magugu’s new Orlando Pirates kits

Local designer Thebe Magugu collaborated with Orlando Pirates to design the football club’s new uniforms and soccer fans aren’t impressed.

Thebe Magugu

Thebe Magugu collaborated with Orlando Pirates. Image via Instagram @thebemagugu/ via Twitter @orlandopirates

On Tuesday, 11 July, South African designer, Thebe Magugu took to Twitter and announced that he had collaborated with Orlando Pirates and designed the football club’s new uniforms; however, after seeing the new kits, soccer fans met in numbers in the comment section and voiced their disapproval for the latest merchandise.


Thebe Magugu was proud to announce that he had worked on a huge project such as Orlando Pirates’ one and designed the soccer team’s uniforms. He said that the new uniforms will serve for 2023 to 2024. The prominent designer also shared that he had designed two different sets of uniform styles, a kit to be worn when the team plays home games and also a different kit for when they play away games.

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The prominent designer rushed to his timelines and shared photos of the new uniforms.

“Orlanda Pirates x Thebe Magugu. We are pleased to announce that we have designed the official kit for @orlandopirates, the celebrated South African FC,” Magugu captioned.

“In a ‘home kit’ of black and an ‘away kit’ of pistachio green, the set will serve the club for 2023/24 #orlandopirates,” Magugu added.

After seeing the designer’s post, soccer fans on Twitter were unimpressed and weren’t afraid to let Magugu know how they truly felt about his designs.

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Magugu recently attended Paris Fashion Week with fashion designer David Tlale. The duo, along with opera singer Pretty Yende had the opportunity to engage with South African president Cyril Ramaphosa who had also been in France on a two-day global summit to discuss financial development and climate action in developing economies, The Citizen reported. After meeting the trio, the president expressed his pride and gratitude to have met them via a Twitter post.

“It was such an honour to spend time with them and hear about their journeys as they continue to place South Africa firmly on the world stage,” Ramaphosa wrote.

Thebe Magugu
Thebe Magugu designed the new Orlando Pirates uniforms. Image via Instagram @thebemagugu


“Nonsense design. I hope it’s the last you design,” @justlethu replied.

“Nywe nywe support black business and this is what black business gives us aiiii let it be the Last time you design for our FC,” @Sir_ellaassgeh said.

“Congratulations on getting the gig but honestly your design was poor, you didn’t understand the assignment, and you were designing for the biggest team in the country, not an up-and-coming team,” @ht4211 commented.

“I think a more faded look would have been good, but ke we will get used to it,” @SyandaMakhanya wrote.

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