'Skeem Saam'

‘Skeem Saam’ characters Pitsi Maputla and Tbose Maputla. Images via Twitter @Kamohelo_tiago

‘Skeem Saam’ Latest: Tbose Maputla returns to Turfloop for Pitsi

Actor Hungani Ndlovu, who plays Tbose Maputla will debut in ‘Skeem Saam’ on Monday, 3 July after his son Pitsi landed in hospital.

'Skeem Saam'

‘Skeem Saam’ characters Pitsi Maputla and Tbose Maputla. Images via Twitter @Kamohelo_tiago

Skeem Saam actor Hungani Ndlovu’s character Thabo ‘Tbose’ Maputla will return to Turfloop on Monday, 3 July from overseas after his son Pitsi got shot by Rathebe’s gun.

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TVSA reports that Mapitsi’s Maputla’s (Mogau Paulina Motlatswi) husband, Tbose Maputla will make his return to Skeem Saam tonight as their son Pitsi is currently fighting for his life in hospital.

Monday, 3 July teaser reads: ” A Maputla son returns and is not happy at the state of his son.”

Fans of the educational soapie will not celebrate Tbose’s return for long as he’s going to wreak havoc in Turfloop and may have had an affair while he was away. He and Mapitsi are going to fight continuously over their son and marriage.

The Wednesday, 19 July teaser reads: “Mapitsi is stunned when she discovers damning evidence proving her suspicion.”

It is unclear at this stage if Pitsi Maputla(played by Itumeleng Tefo) will make it out alive!

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@AneleBooi10: “They finally getting rid of that Pitsi character… what a relief.”

@iamyellow_Neo: “Guys we are not ready for another tragedy. The fire, Dragon and Alfios deaths. (bparlay.com) Re sharp.”

@Morwa_Mahlako: “But this dude speaks English fela.”

@Ngobeni_01: “Akere Tbose was overseas, so now he can’t speak Sepedi anymore.”

@Deejaye1978: “I was wondering how he was going to pull off that character of Tbose. Surely he had enough time after #etvScandal to master Sepedi. (https://goldchannel.net) ”

@SlikTalk_SA: “That show was built around you. Your absence affects too many characters on the show for them to do it without you. They had no choice but to bring another Tbose because that character is too important. I hope the new guy doesn’t ruin the show.”

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‘Skeem Saam’ actors Hungani Ndlovu and Mogau. Mothlwatsi. Image via Twitter @HunganiNdlovu