Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi officially joined Racing 92. Image via Instagram @racing92

Siya Kolisi spotted with Racing 92 team for the first time [watch]

After months of waiting for Siya Kolisi to join Racing 92, the beloved Springbok captain was welcomed with open arms by his new teammates.

Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi officially joined Racing 92. Image via Instagram @racing92

Siya Kolisi was officially welcomed by his new rugby club, the French rugby club, Racing 92 on Thursday, 9 November, and was also spotted rubbing shoulders with his new teammates as seen in a viral Instagram video. 


After guiding the Springboks in the 2023 World Cup as their captain, Siya Kolisi leaves his South African team not only as the 2023 World Cup champion but also made history with the team as the four-time champions of the World Cup title. It’s no wonder the Racing 92 owner Jacky Lorenzetti expects him to have a significant impact at his club as well.

According to Planet Ruby, the club owner said that Kolisis’s ability to inspire and lead could have a “unifying” effect at Racing 92. “Siya, he radiates. He’s someone quite extraordinary. He gives me the impression of being a tractor that will pull the whole team behind him,” Lorenzetti was quoted as saying.

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The former Springbok captain has already been spotted rubbing shoulders with his new teammates and in his training gear of the Parisian outfit as seen in an Instagram video. He was also seen mingling with the club’s President, Laurent Travers.

Kolisi opened up about his experiences with joining the Racing 92 team thus far and said, “It has been an honour for me to be here; I have really enjoyed being here. The boys have welcomed me and all the staff around here [too],” he said.

Testing out his French, he also announced that he would be making his debut with the French team at the Paris La Défense Arena on 26 November.

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Siya Kolisi
Siya Kolisi welcomes by Racing 92. Image via Instagram @racing92


Earlier this year, Siya Kolisi revealed the news about leaving the Springboks for Racing 92. In a statement, he shared some of his reasons he had considered for relocating to France and joining the French club.

“The move to Racing 92 will enable me to spend more time with my family, which is something that I have longed for, and this prospect certainly played a significant part in my decision-making… Not many athletes get the chance to write the chapters of their respective stories, and I view this new challenge in France as an opportunity to do this,” Kolisi said.

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