‘RHOD’ slammed for being scripted. Image via Twitter @PhilMphela.

‘Reality TV is scripted’: ‘RHOD’ slammed for being ‘planned & controlled’

Behind-the-scenes photos of ‘RHOD’ fueled speculation that the reality series is ‘scripted’. Take a look…


‘RHOD’ slammed for being scripted. Image via Twitter @PhilMphela.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela shared behind-the-scenes photos of the cast of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) and said that the show has to be scripted – via a tweet on 22 April.


Well known entertainment commentator Phil Mphela shared behind-the-scenes photos of the RHOD. He went on to say that reality television is scripted and therefore has to be planned and controlled. 

“Look at how many people are in the room when they shoot #RHODurban. This is what’s meant by; reality tv, like all tv productions, is scripted,” he wrote.

“You may not be told what to say, but the “scene” has to be planned & controlled. Can’t be “real” with these many ppl watching you,” he continued.


Phil stated that he was not saying they were given scripts but there is a structure behind it.

“By the way, if I’m not clear … I’m not saying people are given scripts like actors on set. Thought that’s obvious, but this is Twitter. One has to put it in grade 3 terms. Television is about structure (and story telling) so it’s not viable to just point cameras ????,” he wrote. 


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RHOD is one of the most loved South African reality series. Showmax released a new episode every Friday and RHOD would subsequently trend on Twitter. 

The series was filled with drama. So, here are three of the most popular talking points of season two.

  • Petal – Annie Mthembu had been curious about Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco’s love life from the beginning of the season. The ladies first learnt aboutLaConco’s new love interest when she was sent flowers at an event. This was when he got the nickname “Petal”, he is said to live in the same estate as Jojo. So, Jojo appeared to have done some digging.
  • She then informed Annie that Petal is not who LaConco said he is and accused her of lying. Annie then addressed LaConco and she refused to explain herself. The “housewives” thereafter discussed it amongst themselves and they were ready to cut ties with LaConco if she did not give them an explanation and let them in on more in her life. 
  • Nonku Williams – The ladies were concerned about her drinking throughout the season. A few of the ladies tried to address it with her but she got defensive. Nonku later revealed that she had been going through a lot and she lives on anxiety pills, on the season finale.
  • Jojo and Mabusi almost got into a physical fight. The drama between the ladies began on their vacation to Nambiti lodge where anonymous questions were asked. Jojo suspected Mabusi called her husband an “old man” while Mabusi was asked if her designer bags were real.
  • The pair got into an argument towards the end of the season finale which almost turned into a physical fight after Jojo threw her water on Mabusi.

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