Rea Gopane

Bonang Matheba, Rea Gopane and Mr JazziQ Images via Instagram @bonang_m @reagopane_ @mrjazziq

He’s at it again! Rea Gopane fires shots at Bonang and Mr JazziQ [watch]

Podcaster Rea Gopane claims Bonang is ‘not as smart as she pretends to be’ and that Mr JazziQ ‘sacrificed’ Mpura and Killer Kau for the ‘betterment’ of his career.

Rea Gopane

Bonang Matheba, Rea Gopane and Mr JazziQ Images via Instagram @bonang_m @reagopane_ @mrjazziq

Rea Gopane first caught everyone’s attention in May when Bonang Matheba slapped him with a R500k lawsuit after claiming that the media personality introduced her ex-boyfriend AKA to cocaine.

This was after AKA’s fiancée Nellie Tembe plunged to her death on 11 April

Gopane is at it again, directing his attention to Bonang and amapiano producer Mr JazziQ. 

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Bonang Matheba was the centre of an unfortunate situation recently with her ex-management Celebrity Services Africa (CSA). She announced that she terminated her contract with her CSA because they had elbowed her out of her sparkling wine brand House of BNG. 

Chatting about it on his Everything SA Music platform, Gopane said that the media personality has “all that energy” for him but “her business is not even right”. “Bonang is not as smart as she pretends to be,” he boldly said. 

“All she’s good at is getting her fans to attack people, she’s been doing it for a couple of years.”

Ntsiki Mazwai told us, shout out to her, she told us that Bonang is just the front. She’s making her lawyers do stupid stuff like sending cops to my house and sending me a summons.” 

“Do the real work of securing the bag. She fooled everyone on some ‘girls with vineyards’ she doesn’t have a f*cking vineyard.”


South Africa was left devastated after the passing of Mpura and Killer Kau in August. Gopane made some heavy claims about Mpura and Killer Kau’s colleague Mr JazziQ, claiming that the producer “sacrificed” the amapiano stars for the “betterment” of his own career. 

“Think about it… That Woza music video. It came out after everything happened. Why is Mpura and Killer Kau in the music video when they are not featured on the song?” 

“The day after they died, he left. He went to Ghana.”

“I’m just saying that we are not reading in between the lines.”  

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Tweeps were left concerned about Gopane’s remarks on the podcast. 

One tweep wrote: “Some talking ish dawg. At this point,y’all just be out here trying too hard.”

Another wrote: “You just don’t learn boii boii. I thought you had learnt your lesson with AKA & Bonang but clearly awufundi Ntwanas (you don’t learn).”