Siya and Rachel Kolisi

Siya and Rachel Kolisi are SA’s favourite couple. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi

Siya and Rachel Kolisi take in a wrongfully imprisoned teen

Through their foundation, Siya and Rachel Kolisi have reportedly taken in a teenager that was wrongfully imprisoned.

Siya and Rachel Kolisi

Siya and Rachel Kolisi are SA’s favourite couple. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi

Rachel and Siya Kolisi have reportedly been assisting a wrongfully imprisoned teenager from Cape Town through the Kolisi Foundation, Kaya FM reported. The 19-year-old young man was said to have served eight months in prison before CCTV footage proved his innocence.


Whilst in prison, Sihle was said to have lost his mother and by the time he came out from prison, he had become homeless. At some point, he had reportedly found shelter at a homeless shelter in Tableview, but after three months, he was turned away. He then was said to have started sleeping in front of a police station in the hopes that he would be safe.

The Kolisi Foundation was said to have stepped in and assured Sihle’s safety. Sihle is also said to have been enrolled in school and is currently completing his matric. To continue assisting Sihle with essentials and more, the foundation aims to raise R150 000. They’ve reportedly already managed to raise R30 000.

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Siya and Rachel Kolisi
Siya and Rachel Kolisi were said to have tough upbringings. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi


According to the Kolisi Foundation website, the non-profit organisation was established in April 2020 with the aim to change the story of inequality in South Africa. Rachel was said to have been involved in charitable work since 1990. It was not easy for her as well. She was said to have worked hard to be where she is today. She reportedly worked five jobs simultaneously in order to put herself through tertiary studies, and eventually graduated with a degree in Events Management from Stellenbosch Hotel School.

Meanwhile, before Siya was a prominent sportsman in rugby or the national rugby team captain, he too had a tough early life.

According to SA Rugby Mag, in his official autobiography, Siya was quoted as saying,

“After my grandmother died my aunt raised me… She didn’t take any attitude from me: if I didn’t do chores then I didn’t get fed, simple as that.”

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