Prince Kaybee, South African DJ and producer. Image: Instagram via @princekaybee_sa

Prince Kaybee, South African DJ and producer. Image: Instagram via @princekaybee_sa

‘Too old!’: Prince Kaybee’s military ambitions spark a frenzy on X

Prince Kaybee, set the internet ablaze when he revealed, amidst a highly successful music career, that he also has military ambitions.

Prince Kaybee, South African DJ and producer. Image: Instagram via @princekaybee_sa

Prince Kaybee, South African DJ and producer. Image: Instagram via @princekaybee_sa

South African DJ and producer Prince Kaybee recently left his fans and followers in awe when he expressed his interest in joining the military. this unexpected revelation, shared on X, ignited a storm of reactions from South Africans, who were quick to voice their thoughts and support for the beloved musician.

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The announcement, made on 9 September, immediately garnered attention. T-R3v (@Brother_Kat) was among the first to react, suggesting, ‘Why not Navy?’. It seems that South Africans were already contemplating the specific branch of the military that Prince Kaybee might consider.

However, some were quick to raise questions, like Random Tweep (@randomtweep69), who humorously remarked, ‘Didn’t you see the grey beard?’ It’s clear that age has become a topic of discussion.

Danny Mamabolo (@DannyMalesela1) chimed in, ‘Jojo dnt worry abt age n stuff,’ while Kagiso Sebudi (@kagisosebudi) regretfully mused at Prince Kaybee, ‘Had I known what I know now, would have gone full swing military.’

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Notably, many South Africans, like FUZE (@SIYA_DBN), seemed to admire the idea of military training for Prince Kaybee. They added that, ‘I just wish I could have the training only.’

Even practical inquiries arose, as Mkasi Jnr (@mkasithapelo) humorously inquired, ‘O nyaka rifle efeng?’ (Translation: Do you want a rifle for what?), and DODO DOEBOY (@PrinceDodo_1) pondered whether Prince Kaybee intended to be a ‘military producer or to serve and protect the nation?’

The diverse responses to Prince Kaybee’s military ambitions reflected the wide-ranging opinions and interests of his South African fans. Of course, humour also played a role in the frenzy.

User 2demgood (@Cfundoree) lightened the mood with a cheeky comment to Prince Kaybee’s desires: ‘Usufuna ukuyobhebha amasosha manje 😕’ (Translation: Are you looking to date soldiers now?), while uShaka akashayeki (@bhambo_lunye3) expressed a desire to join in, saying, ‘Asibangene Kabelo l also want to join.’

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The age factor was a hot topic, with Superstar status. Lover. (@literockstar) suggesting a possible age cutoff: ‘Cut off would be 35 I think 🤔,’ and Kabelo Moloko (@KabeloMoloko8) providing more specific information, stating, ’21 to 28 years of age🤐🤐🤐.’

In the wake of Prince Kaybee’s unexpected announcement, South Africans from all walks of life demonstrated their support, curiosity, and humour, turning this surprising twist in the DJ’s career into a lively social media conversation.

While the outcome of Prince Kaybee’s military aspirations remains uncertain, one thing is clear: he has ignited a passionate dialogue among his fans.