Pearl Modiadie

Pear Modiadie has opened up about influencers and cameras in the gym. Image via Instagram @pearlmodiadie.

Pearl Modiadie: Metro FM manager hits back with R1m claim

Pearl Modiadie’s former Metro FM manager Anthony Soglo is claiming R1 million from her for loss of income and reputational damage.

Pearl Modiadie

Pear Modiadie has opened up about influencers and cameras in the gym. Image via Instagram @pearlmodiadie.

Former Metro FM programmes manager Anthony Soglo is claiming R1 million from media personality Pearl Modiadie following her sexual harassment suit against Metro FM.


Anthony Soglo is reportedly claiming R1 million from Pearl Modiadie as a counter-salvo over the sexual harassment case she filed. Pearl accused Soglo — the then Metro FM programmes manager of passing inappropriate sexual overtones in an e-mail addressed to her in November 2019. The email in question was regarding booking arrangements.

“Yo … since we are there … can I also get asked that question? LOL [laughing out loud]! When do you need Pearl and for how long? Go Tumza … Pimpsta of the year! Hahahaha … Sorry guys … that was funny!” read the email. 

Pearl said she complained about the alleged sexual innuendos to management but nothing was done about it. Metro FM is owned by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), so she filed a R3.5 million claim to hold the SABC vicariously liable for the incident. 

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Pearl accused the SABC of failing to implement its sexual harassment policy framework when the matter was reported internally. The SABC argued that the allegations should have been taken to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) — instead of the high court. 

“The SABC would like to put it on record that it is not defending the alleged misconduct of Soglo, but it is defending itself against action proceedings instituted by Modiadie. This matter is pending before the court of law out of respect for the judicial process,” said SABC’s executive for corporate affairs and marketing, Gugu Ntuli in a statement. 

City Press reports Soglo is now claiming R1 million from Pearl. The R1 million serves as a counter claim for loss of income and reputational damage. Soglo claims he apologised once he realised his remarks offended the radio personality. For this reason he feels the issue should not have been taken to court. 

Tweeps are divided on the matter. Some believe Pearl was out to get Soglo, the same way Unathi Nkayi’s allegations against Sizwe Dhlomo were reportedly “false”. 

“I fail to understand why people lying about sensitive thing like sexual harassment why? Just to damage someone’s reputation and career,” wrote @Sizisto12.