Murdah Bongz

Photos of Murdah Bongz inside a shooting range. Image via Instagram (screenshot) @murdahbongz

‘Ready for heist’: Murdah Bongz fires shots in shooting range

DJ Zinhle’s husband, former Black Motion member, Murdah Bongz tested out his shooting skills with firearms in a shooting range.

Murdah Bongz

Photos of Murdah Bongz inside a shooting range. Image via Instagram (screenshot) @murdahbongz

In an Instagram video shared on Thursday, 21 September, South African musician Murdah Bongz aka Mörda – real name Bongani Mohosana was spotted testing his aim at an unnamed shooting range.


Murdah Bongz decided to record himself in the shooting rage and then posted the clip on Instagram. In the video, he can be seen dressed in all black clothes and wore some protective gear that covered his eyes and ears. Standing in the shooting booth, he picked up a gun, cocked it, and then fired a few shots at a body of a man drawn on a piece of paper that was strategically placed in front of him.

He then can be seen inserting several bullets in another gun, before putting it up and pointing it to the target again, firing it with a few more shots.

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NSSF shared a number of safety tips for individuals to follow when stepping foot inside a shooting range.

“Firearms should be loaded only when you are in the field or on the target range or shooting area, ready to shoot. When not in use, firearms and ammunition should be secured in a safe place, separate from each other… Unload your gun as soon as you are finished,” they advised.

After seeing Murdah Bongz in the video, social media users rushed to the comment section with hilarious reactions.

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Murdah Bongz
DJ Zinhle’s husband, Murdah Bongz visited a shooting range. Image via Twitter @OfficialBokangK


“Zulu girls have turned you to inkabi 😂😂😂😂😂,” @lindelwamkhasibe said.

“That’s the way to go e SA gudone Bongani,” @zamadimahlela1 wrote.

“No matter who says what do your thing that comes from the heart 🔥,” @sihle_stm73 replied.

“You better find the blood of Jesus to protect you, it’s the only guarantee we have for being g safe,” @7wildflower commented.

 “O ready for dae heist lol,” @therealdonluciano replied.

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