Mrs Mops

Mrs Mops is a cast member of the ‘Mommy Club’. Image via Twitter @rabelaniCPT

‘Not true’: Mrs Mops addresses cheating rumours on ‘Mommy Club’

On Tuesday’s episode of ‘Mommy Club’, reality TV star Nompumelelo Maphatlane whose best known as Mrs Mops addressed infidelity. rumours again

Mrs Mops

Mrs Mops is a cast member of the ‘Mommy Club’. Image via Twitter @rabelaniCPT

The highly-anticipated Mommy Club reality TV show finally aired on Showmax on Tuesday, 27 June and within the first episode, cast member Nompumelelo ‘Mpumi’ Mophatlane, aka Mrs Mops found herself having to defend her marriage and open up about whether or not she had cheated on her husband as previously accused by former castmate Brinnette Seopela from the Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) reality show.


During the Mommy Club episode, Nompumelelo ‘Mpumi’ Mophatlane can be seen connecting to cast member Tshego Manche who was dying to know whether there was any truth to the rumours about her stepping outside of her marriage a few years ago. Mrs Mops politely slams the rumours and said she has never cheated on her husband. She goes on to say tell Manche that she is a happily married wife and a dedicated mother. Mrs Mops can be heard saying,

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“When you’re in the limelight, people say things about you that are not true. It’s just so bad. I was so taken aback by this acquaintance of mine…I’ve been married the longest in the group. I have been married for 15 years, and I’m a dedicated wife and a mother. And that’s something I take pride in.”

“Being accused of that is hurtful. And it comes from people who are jealous and bitter… it was not true. It was never true, and I am still married,” Mrs Mops added.

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Back in 2020, during the RHOJ season finale, Seopela accused Mrs Mops of cheating and claimed she was secretly communicating with one of her male friends.  After the episode aired, Mrs Mops sat down with Drum and talked about the dramatic of the show and was quoted as saying,

“Brinnette, who turned out to be underhanded. She crossed the line when she attacked my marriage, claiming I was cheating on my husband. She lied just to get back at me. All gloves are off from here onwards.”

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Mrs Mops
Mrs Mops addressed rumours that she stepped out of her marriage. Image via Twitter @mpumimops


According to Kaya FM, executive producer Zinzi Velelo shared just how she conceptualised Mommy Club and reportedly said that the idea came after having her first baby. She’s said to have noticed some fabulous moms on social media and was impressed and curious about how they managed to juggle it all and easily. She was quoted as saying,

The Mommy Club is a concept that I thought about after I had my first baby in 2020. I would see these glam women on social media living their best lives and I would ask myself how they do it. They seemed to have it all together and I didn’t, so that sparked my interest. The ladies had figured it out because they had the best childcare and that’s what helped them hold it all together. It takes a village.”

Mrs Mops stars on the show with four other castmates: entrepreneur Tshego Manche, event planner Nunurai, author and business coach Happy Simelane, and former Miss Tembisa and businesswoman Ratile Mabitsela, Showmax reported.

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