Mr JazziQ

Mr JazziQ is once again trending for all the wrong reasons. Image via Twitter @MrJazziQ

‘Self-sabotage’? Mr JazziQ trends after giving fan ‘stage fright’ [watch]

Tweeps are dragging Mr JazziQ for being ‘mean’ to an enthusiastic female fan who ventured on stage during one of his gigs.

Mr JazziQ

Mr JazziQ is once again trending for all the wrong reasons. Image via Twitter @MrJazziQ

Mr JazziQ has been trending a lot over the last few weeks. First, he was trending after a controversial podcaster made some sketchy comments about the musician and his late friends Killer Kau and Mpura. Now he is trending for the “mean” way he treated his fan recently.

Mr JazziQ gives fan the cold shoulder

South African DJ Mr JazziQ seems to be a very trending topic in Mzansi’s Twitter streets as of late. It all started when podcaster Rea Gopane accused him of “sacrificing” his late friends Mpura and Killer Kau in order to gain fame and fortune.

He once again found himself trending after a short video clip of what can be described as a truly cringe-worthy interaction with a big fan of his, was shared online. In the clip, the fan finds her way onto the stage where she starts dancing really close to Mr JazziQ who — judging by his facial expression — was not at all impressed.

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In fact, he gives the young lady such a dirty look that she awkwardly exits the stage much to the amusement of the crowd who all started laughing about the situation.

Mzansi has mixed reactions

The video received a ton of reactions from tweeps who either thought Mr JazziQ was rude or that he was exercising his right to have his space. Many of them argued that if the roles were reversed and a woman was being approached by a man, it wouldn’t be questioned that she was being “rude”.

@FEESOD said:

“This is self-sabotage. How can you be so unkind to people who make your livelihood?”

@Black_x_saint said:

“But if it was a female on deck and a man came up there y’all would’ve been saying the guy is weird yet because it’s the other way around you being dizzy?”

@AstroKay said:

“People in this country usually find it difficult to understand and respect boundaries if the person who feels uncomfortable with a situation is a straight man. If the roles were reversed, we would be reading long threads about male entitlement and patriarchy…”

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