angie oeh

Angie Oeh needed R200 000 to help her with surgery and treatment. Image via Instagram @angie_oeh

Moot rapper Angie Oeh diagnosed with stage four lung cancer

24-year-old Afrikaans musician Angie Oeh revealed that she has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and needs financial backing.

angie oeh

Angie Oeh needed R200 000 to help her with surgery and treatment. Image via Instagram @angie_oeh

On Monday, 14 August, Afrikaans musician Angie Oeh took to Instagram and shared that she is in fear and currently in a hospital following being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.


The Afrikaans singer is best known for songs such as Die Lewe is ‘n Lied, Sex in Afrikaans, Dis Jou Wyfie, and more. In a heartbreaking social media post recently, the 24-year-old musician revealed that she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer as she expressed her fears. She also shared that she will be undergoing a life-changing surgery followed by six-month-long chemotherapy.  

“Today I have been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I am so fu**ing scared. Every time I have just a little time to think [about it], I cry like a pu**y. How the fu** does something like this happen so fast without you even knowing or feeling it,” she wrote on her feed.

“Now I am so sick, I have to ask someone to give me a water bottle that is standing right next to me. I am fu**ing 24. Tomorrow I have to get a life changing operation and after that 6 months of chemo. I don’t have the emotional mind or the money to do this,” she added.

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Angie Oeh said that she needs financial support of R200 000 to assist her with the surgery and treatment.

“If anyone can help me with something that will cost R200 000 please, help me. I have all the invoices and banking details of the account we use to pay them, and there is a link in my bio. Otherwise please think of me,” she said.

According to Texx and the City, a BackaBuddy campaign has already been started to raise funds for the Moot rapper.

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“Keeping you in ny prayers get well soon😢❤️,” jansevanrensburganika said.

“All the love and light sent to you beautiful 🩷🩷🙏🏼🙏🏼 God speed xox,” @chane.forte wrote.

“Strength be with you ✨,” @lifeincolourwithcr reacted.

“We’ve got you. Fight this like a Mofo,” lamiez125 said.

“Never met you but I got lots of love for you ❤️,” @fourmatt_ replied.

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