melissa nayimuli, miss sa

Melissa Nayimuli reflects on her Miss SA journey.
Images via Instagram: @melissanayimuli

‘God’s will was done’: Melissa breaks silence after Miss SA ‘snub’

Melissa Nayimuli has claimed it was
‘God’s will’ for her not to win the Miss SA pageant. Here is the latest from the Top 5 contestant…

melissa nayimuli, miss sa

Melissa Nayimuli reflects on her Miss SA journey.
Images via Instagram: @melissanayimuli

Melissa Nayimuli -the woman many claimed was “robbed” of the Miss SA title, has spoken out about not winning the crown for a second time.

But while it would be forgivable for her to be disappointed or even bitter about her loss, the model and TV producer is handling the ends of her pageant journey with grace and class.

Melissa made the Miss SA Top 5 but lost out to winner Natasha Joubert who was crowned on Sunday night.

Like Melissa, Natasha re-entered the pageant after competing in 2020.

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In her first Instagram post following Natasha’s crowning, Melissa reflected on the outcome of her Miss SA journey.

She shared: “God’s Will was done last night. All I’ve ever prayed for was to be able to share my advocacy with as many people as possible, to represent us, as Africans, in our power and in our truest form and man. Didn’t God do it? My heart is full.”

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Melissa thanked her fans who supported her, many of whom claimed she had been “robbed” of the title.

She added: “Onwards & upwards from here!”.

Miss SA 2023 Natasha Joubert
Miss SA 2023 Natasha Joubert. Image via Instagram @official_misssa.


In the comments section, many Miss SA alumni shared kind words with Melissa Nayimuli.

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Zozi Tunzi: “Sthandwa sam, you are incredible! This speech and your visibility is important and very necessary. I hope you know that, and I hope if this platform is not your path that you are redirected somewhere where you can do this job. Head up”

Shudu Musida: “What you did cannot be undone. I can’t wait for the world to witness your power and what you stand for”.

Liesl Laurie: “So special. Congratulations on all you have achieved thus far. You were born for greatness.”

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